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[Table] IAmA: IAm transsexual porn performer Juliette Stray; ask me almost anything!

2013.03.05 16:25 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: IAm transsexual porn performer Juliette Stray; ask me almost anything!

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What is the hardest thing about being in such a niche market for porn? Is it hard to get gigs? There's a lot less gigs, because there's a lot less content being produced -- there's only a few companies that shoot TS porn on the regular, and you can easily over-shoot yourself and wind up not really having anything to do for a while. Whereas most girls don't really "need" their own website, it's kind of a mandatory thing in the TS side of the industry if you want to keep steady income coming in.
The hardest part is probably that I have to do the most difficult part of the job for both male and female performers. I have to be able to perform on command, keep it up, last as long as necessary and then finish on demand, but I also have to be able to spread myself open and look super hot and get the brains fucked out of me while doing all that. It's difficult -- but fun!
Have you ever had an orgasm from receiving anal before? Also what would you say is the best part of your job, or being in the industry? I have had gut-wrenching (ha ha, get it?) orgasms from anal before, and they are definitely like.. in the top three things I enjoy during sex. There is almost NOTHING that feels as good as cumming from prostate stimulation, and it literally makes me want to loll my tongue out of my mouth and convulse and drool all over myself like I'm a cliche'd anime character.
The best part of my job is, honestly, that I get to show up, have my hair and makeup done for me, get introduced to incredibly hot women, and then get paid to have sex with them. I still kind of feel like I've somehow gotten away with something when I get paid at the end of a day. It's amazing.
Any tips on having a prostate orgasm? I love my girlfriend fucking me with a strapon but I've yet to cum solely from it, though it's felt like it could happen a few times. Pee beforehand, because you will get confused and think that maybe that is what is going to happen (it isn't). Interestingly, many girls have the same problem with g-spot stimulation.
Keep doing it, and try using a vibrator or strapon that vibrates (though my favourite strapon does not and can not). Also keep in mind that prostate orgasm feels different, and is not necessarily accompanied by ejaculation. It can also happen repeatedly, like, there is not a long refractory period like with a normal male genital orgasm. Additionally, try having her (or you) do a reacharound while you're getting nailed (this works best in missionary-ish position). It may be the little bump you need to get you there.
Goodness... Replying for future reference! You know, if you use Reddit Enhancement Suite, you can click on the save link below posts and Reddit Enhancement Suite will then save those posts for you in Reddit Enhancement Suite.
One of of of us... I love it when people do AMAs and have taken the time to learn the lay of the land beforehand. Good on you for taking that time! Heh. I've been here for a couple years, despite what the account age says, but you're welcome ;).
Given that sex and gender are typically separated as two different things, do you feel that having surgery makes you any more of a woman? Do you associate more as having a female gender, female sex, or what? I don't quite understand. Care to deliver some insight on what being a transsexual means with respect to biological sex and social gender? Thanks for taking the time to read! Oh, man, this is a pretty in-depth question. OK...
> The distinction between sex and gender is a concept that distinguishes sex, the biological makeup of an individual's reproductive anatomy, from gender, an individual's lifestyle often culturally learned.
A transsexual is someone whose biological sex does not match up with their gender identity for whatever reason, owing to various theories that I don't think, last I checked, had been proven.
Having surgery doesn't really strike me as something that, personally, would make me feel more like a woman, though I know plenty of other TS who feel that way. I used to feel VERY strongly that it was something that HAD TO BE DONE, at all costs, or I would die, but once I started taking the "correct" hormones, I found that angst and anxiousness just kind of faded away, and I became 'comfortable' once I was running on estrogen and not testosterone. Surgery will probably be something I'll do some far-off day in the unspecified future, but not because I feel like I would need it to complete me.
I identify as being female, and what's actually kind of weird is that I can easily often forget that I am not. My girlfriend, likewise, forgets that I have a penis, and a previous lesbian couple I dated also would routinely forget that I didn't have fully female anatomy. Even when I am naked and looking at myself, it doesn't strike me as something like, oh, there's a cock there, not a pussy. It wasn't always that way, but I guess maybe after enough time of identifying and feeling female, stuff just kind of gets rewired in your head. I don't know.
I hope that answers what you were getting at?
I'm a little confused, does that mean girls can take testosterone and feel masculine and be considered a T... I don't know what word to put here, sorry? "Transman," as opposed to transwoman. There are plenty of them, but because the female body as a whole is more capable of being androgynous than the male body, they tend to slide by unnoticed (it also helps that men aren't really physically scrutinized like women are).
Sorry, this might be insensitive/idiotic..but when's that ever stopped me you like having a penis? I don't really like or dislike it. My life would certainly be easier if I didn't have it (and I could wear way shorter skirts!!), but it doesn't really bother me very much. I don't pee standing up, and haven't for years and years and years. It would feel extremely weird to do so.
I'm if you're in a position where you consider it and optional appendage, do things that people carry on about, like being able to pee standing up, seem like things you'd miss? My girlfriend likes that I have it, but neither of us have particular interest in using it except when she inflicts orgasm torture on me, which is, well. It's something. She does this in the video I linked elsewhere, actually.
I've been with several partners over the years who are strict lesbians, and ultimately they've found that it doesn't really matter much to them, which for them is often but not always a little surprising. If it's not going in them and they're not expected to play with it (which works out just fine considering I prefer to bottom), it doesn't seem to really make a difference.
It seems to me that most transsexuals I've heard about are also gay. Does that seem to be your experience? If so do you have any theories as to why that is? Almost all transsexuals of either variation (male to female or female to male) that I know of are heterosexual, as in, transwomen prefer men, and transmen prefer women. It is probably because heterosexuality is more common than homosexuality.
Wow, I just had a serious "oh shit" moment. Thank you for replying. You're the coolest t.. Tran... Person I've met. Take care. Haha. You're welcome. Glad it was enlightening.
Do your parents know or approve? I'm not sure if you're asking if they know and approve that I'm TS, or know and approve that I'm in porn, but either way the answer is yes. I'm sure they'd be a bit happier were I NOT in porn, but it doesn't seem to actually bother them -- they had concerns in the beginning, but ultimately decided that I'm their kid no matter what, and so long as I'm not putting myself in danger and am happy, it's okay.
I'm very fortunate, in that respect. I love both my parents very much.
Do you play any DotA 2? Currently about 500 hours' worth.
We played a couple games together, I just assumed it was some girl that chose your name as a joke to avoid the majority of harassment. Surprise!
Do you take friend requests/game invites from random Reddit strangers? Just curious. :P. Well, if they're good. It is a competitive game, so I prefer to only intentionally play with people who are at or above my skill level :)
Have you played League of Legends? If so why do you prefer Dota over League? Nope. LoL has always struck me as not as meticulously well-balanced or thought out, but even if that assumption is inaccurate, it is accurate to say that the playerbase is full of the most abrasive assholes imaginable. I'm sure not every player is, but when being polite is the exception rather than the rule, it's not a community I want to be a part of (for reference, this is the same reason I don't play TF2).
I was about to insult the shit out of your Shadow Shaman feeding, but you rocked with a random Puck! I'm to afraid to see my win/loss ratio... Oh my god, that fucking SS game. Laning phase I was supporting PL in Radiant suicide lane against Kunkka and Mirana, and he kept just... I don't know, it's like he thought he was much, much more durable than he was. So, invariably, I would have to run up, shackle whomever was chasing him, and get killed so he could escape (because he NEVER BOUGHT DOPPLE EARLY GAME, because OBVIOUSLY Juxtapose 3 at level 5 is more important...).
It was... grating.
What other games do you play? Speaking of only currently, right now it's Guild Wars 2, pencil and paper Dungeons and Dragons, and I'm going through playing the Etrian Odyssey games for the DS again. I also play/develop and have played/developed on MUDs online for almost as long as I have had a computer, which is over half my life.
Historically, some of my favourite games that I'm just not playing right now are Left 4 Dead 2, Frequency, AudioSurf, Warcraft (by which I mean the RTS games, not the MMO), World of Warcraft (...), StarCraft, tactical RPGs, the Elder Scrolls games (from Daggerfall, when it came out, and onward), the Ultima games (in particular VII), the Might and Magic series and Heroes of Might and Magic series, Binding of Isaac, and NetHack.
Much older games that I still play and adore are things Master of Magic (probably one of my all-time favourite games ever), or the Quest for Glory series.
I've been playing games for a long time :)
Do you judge that by win rate, or by watching them play? I have a 50% win rate but at half the time you have logged, plus I really only play all random when I solo and half the time team compositions lead to the loss rather than skill or lack thereof. Also thanks for even responding. xD. By watching them play. Theoretically, if Valve's mechanics are matching you correctly, pretty much everyone should have a 50% win rate (though they aren't, and they don't -- I win most games I play during the day and early evening, but late at night I lose almost all of them). I will look at things like their builds and item selections and their behaviour when interacting with other teammates, or things like their ability to judge the correct courses of action and set up ganks and the like.
You have a 49% winrate, beggers can be choosers? I have a 49% winrate because I frequently play late at night, where I am then matched up with people who do not speak english.
Dragonrealms was amazing, back in the 90's. Always felt MUDs were better in role playing than MMOs. Hah. I remember Dragonrealms. And you're right, they are -- I also still play on what is probably the most intensive role-playing game that exists right now, so I'm a little spoiled in that regard.
Will you be my internet girlfriend? What kind of loot do I get?
Holy crap, someone else who played the M&M games. I know they were really popular in the 90's but hardly anyone my age played them. Did you play the Heroes games and the RPGs or just one? Alll of them.
Omg what server are you on in GW2? Fort Aspenwood.
You don't hear NetHack mentioned very often! Still my favorite game. It's fucking great. I wish the Dev Team was a bit more frequent with updates, but I play Warren Cheung's Slash'EM variant to get my fix of new and exciting things, even if it's harder and the RNG is a bit less fair.
I played on Realms of Despair, oh so many years ago! I even have a registered copy of zMud. Then EverQuest happened and I didn't play MuDs as much. I am still playing EQ but not the MuDs. I'm really aging myself here, but my husband and I ran a BBS as well, with a private adult area. What did you run? Wildcat!, or something else? I had PCBoard going for a little while there.
I never got into RoD, primarily because I never really liked the SMAUG codebase for some reason or another. My original games were EotL ( 2010), Genocide ( 222), and an old obscure game called Dark Heart, written by these guys Chris and Adam, the latter of whom went on to co-found NeoPets. The two games I still play on and have for going on two decades are Lost Souls ( 23) and Armageddon ( 4050)
Do you like Skyrim? Ehhh.
The screencap of the 4chan discussion about it pretty much sums up my feelings on it. I still played it and had fun, but after I realized I was killing yet another fucking Chaurus in another goddamn blue cave and looting the same tired crap from its corpse, I just kind of spontaneously and completely burnt out.
Omg... this is just so awesome I don't have words for how... yeah... fangirling. I'm so torn between begging to know what titles to look you up in and begging you to find someone to make gamer porn... think fanfiction, but liveaction porn style... runs around squeeing at the potential awesome Well, the real problem here is running afoul of IP rights. For movies, this is pretty well protected under uses for parody, but if I recall right that's what happened to Whorecraft (now Whore-Lore), so it'd be kind of a risky thing to do, maybe.
My husband may be sending you fanletters if I find your work... That said, I've been intending to do some sufficiently nerdy stuff for a while, but I need to get more 'mundane' content filmed for my site's backlog before I can start doing weirder shit.
sorry if I went a little overboard. I still get incredibly giddy finding geeks in entertainment. Oh, and I primarily work for Evil Angel. The two links I've been sharing today are my two favourite scenes, which to post again are my scene with Leslie Sierra in American Shemale X, and my scene with my girlfriend Rain DeGrey in American Shemale X #3, but there's plenty of other stuff out there as well, particularly for Evil Angel.
Holy shit, Master of Magic was my absolute favorite game. I've never heard of anyone playing it. How do you still play? You can buy it over at Good Old Games for like, $5, ready to run on modern PCs. May I suggest you also take a look at Fallen Enchantress? It's not EXACTLY the same game, but it is very much a spiritual successor, and I found it pleasing.
Is MUME still around? It is, though I never played it. It's up on
That's awesome. Which ones were your favorite? Mine was 6 for the RPGs and then Heroes 4. Probably 4 and 5, because those were the first ones in the series I picked up as a dual-CD set (I later went back and played the previous ones), and I find the first thing you're introduced to is always kind of near and dear to your heart.
Heroes III is probably my favourite, but I really did enjoy everything up until this most recent abomination. Interestingly, as a point of trivia, the expansion to III was supposed to be the first one where the sci-fi aspect of the source material was integrated into the storyline and Heroes gameplay, but fans rebelled so strongly against it that it was scrapped, which sucks.
Are there a lot of drugs in the TS porn business? I worked at a gay bar and it seemed that all performers I knew were highly into the drug scene but that wasn't what you do. How do you feel about drugs? I think there is less drug usage than in the mainstream industry, but probably still more than outside of the industry in general. There's NOT really drug usage on set, but, you know, when you're super hot, have a lot of disposable income, and get to party with people in Hollywood, it's pretty easy to wind up doing a line of coke or whatever else.
I am strictly, adamantly passionate about not doing drugs or drinking before work (like, even a day or two before work, let ALONE day of), but when I'm not working I probably use what is considered to be a larger-than-average amount. Drugs are fun, and if you use them semi-responsibly and in a risk-aware fashion, there's not really any harm. That doesn't apply to all drugs, as I think some things are just inherently overall bad if not outright evil (meth and heroin come to mind), but those are generally exceptions to my rule.
I primarily use and prefer psychedelics (mushrooms and LSD and foxy if I can ever find it again), but also enjoy ecstasy (especially sex on ecstasy) and sometimes but rarely painkillers or muscle relaxants. I occasionally do cocaine socially, but never really outside of that context. Ketamine and GHB also make an occasional appearance (that I wish were more frequent). I mostly enjoy things that enhance aural and tactile sensations, and I really, really enjoy the synaesthesia that occurs with psychedelics and music for me, which is my primary reason for doing them at all. Of note is that I do not do pot or any other smoked substance, and I don't do needle drugs.
I feel like it's OK to party and have a good time, but the moment that starts interfering even a little on the stability of your life or your work, then it's an issue that needs to be curbed immediately.
Whats foxy? 5-MeO-DIPT. It is ridiculous. I have never been so gacked out of my mind in my entire life and the sex was awesome.
Why is it that you prefer not to smoke pot? I was just curious because there are other drugs that you stated that are much more dangerous that you have taken, but what makes you stop at pot? Smoke makes me violently ill.
Probably too late to get an answer, but have you considered weed edibles? I can't stand smoking anything, but weed and psychedelics go together fairly well, and a well made edible should be easier to acquire here in CA than many of the other things you're familiar with. I have, but the smell of pot in and of itself is just... beyond foul to me, so I'm really not inclined to put it in my mouth. I'm sure at some point someone will buy me a lollipop or cookie or something and then I'll know, but it's not something I want to go out of my way to acquire.
Do you genuinely enjoy sex in your ass? How do you cope with extra large co-stars? Do you feel uncomfortable for days after? I do. I really do. Sex in my throat is my favourite, but anal is.. almost just as good. I don't.. really need to cope, I just ease up into it (you do stretching off-camera). Like, before the scene proper, we'll start to transition to doing anal, stop the camera, lube me up, and my partner will start to gently fuck me for a little while to get me 'used' to him or her, then we'll pull out, they'll get back in position, and we turn the camera on and they can just impale me right out of the gate.
I don't really feel uncomfortable, though usually the anal is rough enough that I wind up changing into pajamas and leaving set in those rather than whatever I showed up in :)
My question is: Do you feel that the porn industry's treatment of transgender individuals is justified (frequent shemale labels and what not)? Some of my more politically active friends feel pretty strongly about what they perceive to be as negative treatment from the industry, but I really have no problem with it at all. It's a fetish, we're catering to that fetish, and that fetish mostly identifies us as "shemales." I can think of little that's less erotic than something called, say, "Transwoman Cum Guzzlers #7." It's just a word, and I don't feel that a word has a power to marginalize me; it's just a word, and I can choose how I want to feel about that word.
Do you see it getting better? I feel like I'm helping a little, sure, because anything that increases visibility is something that helps 'normalize' the existence of transsexuals. Even mainstream media is starting to catch up at this point, and that's really saying something. I am not concerned about, say, oversexualizing "us", and even if I were, I like being sexualized anyway.
Do you feel as though you are helping or hurting the cause? I've met plenty of other performers, sure. I've never met Buck, but Bailey and I have worked together, and I've likewise spent time with most of the other girls in the industry right now. They've all been cool.
Have you ever met any other transsexual stars such as Buck Angel or Bailey Jay? Some TS performers perceive there to be discrimination, some don't. There's a lot of fuss about us only having two award categories at the AVN awards (the primary awards show for the industry), best transsexual release and transsexual performer of the year, but I feel like.. you know, there's not an "ethnic performer of the year," or whatever else. I feel like we are, clearly, a niche category, and it seems a little silly to me to give us the equivalent award categories of female performers -- there are A LOT more female performers than TS performers. Outside of the awards shows, there's holdover from back when in regard to a perception that TS performers are more likely to be people you would catch a disease from, due to the perception that male-to-female transsexuals are sluts that sleep around primarily with gay men (which is not really accurate). As a result, some talent won't work with other talent that works with transsexual performers, so resultingly there are some talent agencies that will not allow their performers to work with transsexual performers because it will hurt them in terms of how much work they will get. Some people are mad at these agents, but I feel like, really, they're just doing their job. I don't see anything wrong with wanting to ensure your career is successful, and it's not like a personal slight to me that someone won't work with me on camera (or fuck me off-camera, for that matter).
Thank you for your detailed answer. On one side, transgender people represent a sexual illusion that can be attractive to many people and on the other a target of violence and pain. It is nice to see all the niches represented in human sexuality, but it is questionable how well porn can represent a community of people without oversexualizing them (as sometimes porn is the only source that people know of transgender people) and what can be done to prevent that. I also agree that, a word, is a word, but shemale particularly suggests some very inaccurate things about transgender people. Have you looked at's page on the subject? Link to I do not think that you or anyone should be personally responsible for the transgender community at large but there many porn stars who also stand for LGBT rights and will do public talks on the subject. I see this as one, and I thank you for that as well. If I may, another question: how has porn changed your perception of sex? How much of what you do is "acting" or exaggeration? Sure, you're welcome. I'd agree that of course, porn sexualizes people, but that's not something I really worry about or mind. I prefer being sexualized to not being sexualized, so if I had to pick one over the other it would always be the former. I don't feel that it's porn's job to represent a community of people, and so I don't feel that it has any kind of responsibility to make sure that it's doing a fair and unbiased job of it. I hadn't seen/been aware of's page about it, but looking at it it's absolutely something I would expect to see, especially from TomCat, and so it doesn't really surprise me (I'm not saying this as any kind of bizarro slight, I just mean it as in TC has active political/social beliefs). He has a mission, and it looks like he feels pretty strongly about that mission, and I think that's just fine. It's not one I really share -- I identify to people as 'shemale' almost as much as I identify to people as 'transwoman' or the like, and the only reason I don't use the word shemale as much is because I know it offends other people (this is moreso the case here in the Bay Area than anywhere else in the US, I would imagine). Porn hasn't really changed my perception of sex, since I always preferred porn-style sex even before I was on camera. As such, I don't really fake anything -- it makes me happy to show genuine enthusiasm for stuff I'm into. This is extra the case because directors want to see you actually enjoying yourself as opposed to faking it (one looks better than the other), and so it encourages your co-performer to do stuff you're into. There is a reason that in every single scene I've been in, I get face-fucked at least a little bit. It makes me happy, so I'd rather do stuff that makes me happy rather than stuff that I have to pretend makes me happy.
Are there more mtf sex changes than ftm? If so why do you think this is? I have no idea. There are probably more mtf full operations than ftm full operations, which would be because the medical technology for creating a neo-penis isn't nearly as good as the technology for creating a neo-vagina.
Is there any "unspoken etiquette" doing niche porn? (For example, not cumming in your ass, or spraying in your eye) Not really, but most places do not shoot internal cumshots anymore anyway. The only times I've had cum shot in my eye, it's been my own, which is a whole new world of irritatingly frustrating, believe me.
What do you prefer more, men or women? How much money did you make in 2012? will you ever settle down and marry? Any bad injury's on set? While it hasn't always been this way for the entirety of my life, right now I prefer women. Girls are softer, and I'm narcissistic, so having them look more like me is always a preference. I also enjoy EXTREMELY rough sex, and it's just way hotter when a girl brutalizes another girl sexually as opposed to a man doing the same thing, because it's slightly more "taboo" and unexpected. That said, I prefer cock to pussy, so strapons are always a huge plus. How much money did I make... heh. "Not a lot." I make enough to live off of, but that's about it. I made more at my previous job working for Starbucks, but I also worked a lot, LOT more. On average, I probably work about one and a half days a month. I'd love to work more, but it's hard in San Francisco because no work is local. In terms of marriage... you know, I don't know. When I was younger, I was pretty sure I'd be dead by the time I was 30, but now it's like.. clearly, no, that won't be the case. Right now I'm pretty sure I'll never marry, but I'm not going to really be able to predict the future with any certainty.
When I was younger, I was pretty sure I'd be dead by the time I was 30 When you're a young rebel in a subculture of young rebels, living to the incredibly old age of THIRTY seems just so unlikely that it's laughable. Live fast, die young, etc.
Would you be able to expand on this? Now, of course, I'm not a kid anymore.
What got you into the industry? Another TS performer, Mandy Mitchell, was in town in San Francisco shooting content for her own site, but the performer she was supposed to have booked flaked out. I had previously on a whim done one dinky little amateur shoot, and her videographer who was familiar with the site it was on pointed me out to her, and she contacted me asking if I'd like to work together.
From there, she introduced me to people in LA since we got along pretty well, and stuff just kind of snowballed on.
If you're asking what got me interested in being in the industry, I had always wanted to do it, and I mean "always" as in, like, from the age I first saw porn, which was probably around 11 or so (thanks, Internet).
So you have always been a bit of an exhibitionist? I have always wanted to be an exhibitionist, but I wasn't always comfortable with my body (unsurprisingly, I imagine), so I didn't really "exhibit" until that changed.
How long have you been in the industry? Has the change from dvd sales to online sales created more opportunities? I've been in the industry for maybe.. uhh.. three, possibly four years? Probably closer to three. As such, it's always been online sales as far as I'm concerned, and DVDs exist for some esoteric reason that I'm not quite certain of.
Have you seen the movie A Soldiers Girl? If so, how did that movie affect you emotionally? Between that movie and Boys Don't Cry I'm terrified to come out as trans* to anyone. I'm afraid I haven't -- I don't really get too involved in trans-related content aside from pornography, so I don't typically wind up seeing things like either of those movies.
I was born in the southeastern United States, which is a pretty conservative place all things considered, and I was really nervous about coming out to anyone. Ultimately, though, my friends didn't care (my best friend's exact words were, in fact, "well, pardon my French, but no fucking duh"), and the scarce few people I encountered that did... I just didn't really care about. I was still worried about being "outed" in public and maybe getting lynched or something, but that was about it.
I know for me that if I could only be friends/family with people if I continually fit exactly into whatever expected mold they had for me, those people were clearly not my friends or family to begin with.
What makes it difficult for trans to get hard? I now understand that is why I never see them fucking the guy or just jerking off. Not having testosterone. Testosterone is what makes dicks work most of the time, so you have pretty unreliable erections if you don't have any.
Well that's good to know... I've been having trouble with my own erections lately, so now I'm wondering if that's my problem. Ask your GP (general practitioner) for a trial of Viagra. They can write you like a thing for two or three pills, and that's that. Viagra tends to work the most reliably, but it also has the most side effects if you aren't careful about how you take it. Levitra is kind of the middle ground, and Cialis has the least side effects but I also find it to be the least effective. Maybe ask for a trial few pills from each so you can see how it works for you.
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Shane, thank you for your contribution to the world of news media. The VBS documentaries are truly an inspiration and exemplify what mainstream journalism could be. It's shit like this that caused me to attend film school in the first place. Just noticed that you guys might be looking for PA's, while I wait for the results of that process, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work of Vice. That being said, Do you feel that the work of Vice has had any effect on how investigative journalism is conducted within the mainstream media? Do you think that the major networks will take more of their cues from smaller, more independent media companies; or that they feel as though they set the standards which all others should follow? They should,the days of old news are numbered. Their audience is aging and their budgets are continually slashed. News Programs have all become partisan sounding boards and are mired in politics and rhetoric. The future of news is online.
What is the scariest situation you've been in when reporting for VICE? By the way, I really enjoyed the labor camp piece. Recently I was in Afghanistan and shot with senior Taliban war lords. They had both been imprisoned for kidnapping and killing westerners. They did not like me or my questions at all. It got pretty hairy and if I didn't have my Tajik body guards with me I don't think I would be typing this now. This piece on child suicide bombers is going to fuck people up.
Wow, when will we be able to read that? Edit: or watch that I suppose. Soon as I can finish this AMA and get back to the edit.
1- The North Korean apologists or the Authorities, did they ever bother you after the doc? Yes, some North Koreans from the "embassy" - of which there isn't one- came to the office, to "discuss" it with me. I stayed at the bar, rather than come in.
2- Whilst in North Korea did you meet anyone who secretly detested the regime? NO and if I had I don't think they would tell me. I had one strange experience where one of my guards who called me "big brother" told me "Big Brother, quite frankly, we have no food. We have no electricity." which was shocking because usually they admit nothing and only say how perfect their country is.
3- North Korea Part II is it possible? Oh and thank you for all those fantastic documentaries. haven't seen anyone cover North Korea like you guys. There is a NK part II and and SIberian labor camps.
Do you believe that General Butt Naked is genuine with his new found religion? Did you find him intimidating, since he ate the hearts of kids? I think that Joshuha Blahyi as he is now called indeed did find religion. Liberia is kind of a heaven/hell place. Churches are everywhere. Evangelical signs and bumperstickers are ubiquitous, but yet there is so much fucked up shit going on its insane. Actually while we were there there was a massive born again rally with half of MOnrovia in attendance. The religion aspect of the country is really a reaction to how bad shit has been there for so long.
How did you manage to not get in a proper fight with the guys on the Trans-Siberian train? I didn't get into a fight a) thanks to xanax b) the fact that they throw you off the train if you do (literally in the middle of no where) and c) the fact that they all had prison tattoos. If you are at all familiar with Russian prisons, you will not fuck with ANYONE who has been to one. Even a blind drunk midget.
Hi Shane, Mad props to you and the rest of the VICE team for what you have accomplished over the past years. My personal favourite ‘VICE-thing’ ought to be The VICE Guides to Travel; amazingly interesting, fresh and thought-provocative (The Guide to Liberia was absolutely scary/fascinating). I have a few questions, not really related to each other. Was there a moment you really feared for your own life during your travels? Liberia, Afghanistan, NK all dangerous but MOST dangerous. Juarez, Mexico. THE most dangerous place in the world for journalists and I just finished shooting there on the narcos. Fucking terrifying.
Why did you decide to leave Montreal for New York in 1999? Left montreal for NYC to see if we could make it on the world stage. We wanted to be the first mag in the history of Canada to come to the big smoke and see if we could kill it. We did.
Hi Shane, In the guide to Liberia you said you almost felt a kind of friendship with Joshua Blayhi when you let yourself forget all the things he'd done. Looking back on it now how do you feel about him as a person? Also any chance of you doing the Rogan podcast again? Love Rogan, saw him at the fights on the week end, going to do another podcast when we are both in the same city! RE: Joshuha, I am conflicted as to my feelings for him. When you see carnage first hand its hard to forgive anyone who is guilty of perpetrating it, and that goes for the US government as well.
Where can I find all the documentaries that only YOU have hosted? The VICE website is terrible. Hahhha, nooooooo, there is a lot of good shit on vice. we are improving navigation of it now there is just TOO MUCH STUFF. I am hosting the HBO show so there will be a lot of my stories in that show (and at the same time on vice)
Has VICE become sort of less fun now that it's a global thing rather than mates cheating welfare in Montreal? Are you and Suroosh Alvi still friends with Gavin McInnes although he's no longer a part of the VICE team? EDIT: Just to go a bit further, when you started the magazine, was this how you imagined it to be? Obviously not this much the scale of it, but that it would cover such a variety of topics from fashion to politics? I personally am having the most fun I've ever had at vice. When we were young in Montreal it was fun too but no one ever read us and we were always broke and doing ALL of the jobs ALL the time. Now we are up for best mag in the world awards and killing the webbies etc... and its in 34 countries. Its fun as shit in all honesty. Suroosh is still my best pal. Gavin went his own way.
Hey - First of all.. Your trips to N. Korea & Liberia were some of the best television I have ever watched. Your Liberia trip has influenced my buddies thesis in philosophy for his PHD..... Anyways... I have 3 very important questions. Did you see Korean BBQ in North Korea? There wasn't really a lot of food in NK so we ate 99cent South Korean ramen that we could get in the hotel. The rest of the food was inedible. No BBQ but some Pyoungyang cold noodles (which are cold noodles in a chilli broth) were considered a real delicacy.
Why wasn't the "Russian Mobsters" video ever released? When is your HBO show coming out and what will it show? The FSB chased us all the way to the Chinese border at Blagoveshensk (sp?) We were lucky to get out. What video of "Billy the Fish?" cuz he saved our ass! HBO comes out when they tell me it comes out but we are shooting a lot of episodes so there will be a lot of great shit, actually best stuff we have ever done.
How bad are you going to feel when you start WWIII? Any bands you have an eye on for Vice music label? (Black lips are the shit!) Music we have a lot of shit coming out including a film with Snoop becoming a rasta in Jamaica, which is going to be huge.
I hope we don't start any wars as when you see how they look first hand you never want to see them again.
Can you elaborate on the story when two North Korean men from the "embassy" showed up at your office? What did they say when you told them there was no NK embassy? What kind of car did they drive? How did they get into the US? I was not in the office. I received a call from my PA who told me not to come in. The office was quite freaked out.
What would you say is the percent of people in North Korea that genuinely believe the whole "Great Leader" thing and what percent are just playing along for survival? I think that up until recently the majority believe in the Great Leader. Its like saying how many people genuinely in Kansas believe in the whole "Jesus" thing? they have been brought up with everyone telling them that Kim Il Sung is god. Every book they read, every TV show, Movie, song... anything... Its only with the influx of Chinese trade that some people have come out of the pond... that and the death of Kim Jung Il will start to erode the absolute power that the family holds over the country
Thanks for doing an IAMA, and I love VICE's mission of exposing younger generations to new content that helps them to critically analyze the media around them. I've followed your company since it was just busting out of Montreal. In a consumer-goods infused "hipster" culture, what does selling out mean today? Finally, what are your plans for Motherboard/Creator's Project once the copromotion deals run up? Will they change brand partners, or will they get folded into other ventures? I don't know what selling out means period. We have always partnered with Brands to deliver content, since day one. That's how all media runs. If you do it well and are popular globally then questions of selling out arise. possibly because "cool" by definition means "small." We have been accused of "selling out" since we left montreal. But all we ever wanted to do is to make shit that didn't suck, full stop.
Do you see VICE as the next MTV? I don't see Vice as the next MTV, they are a cable TV phenom and had a very narrow mandate. We are digital and have a wider scope and focus. Now if you asked is VICE the next Viacom....
Has your outlook on media and popular culture changed since partnering with media giants like WPP? I don't think my ideas on media have changed since working with WPP, they want to get on the train that we are driving and they are smart to do so.
Did you bang any shemales in that guide to Thailand episode? Did you know that eating lots of celery makes you cum like a rocket? I did not. there was a whole crew in the room. and when you dip into the "best of both worlds" you don't want a bunch of teamsters there yelling "how's the light??" or "move your ass slower Shane I;m getting too much glow off it."
I did now and am going to start eating it now. Its also known as "the colonic broom." which is always nice.
Whatever happened to the nice North Korean tea lady? Still there waiting for me to come back I suppose.
What is the wildest drug experience you've ever had? Ibogaine. WOW!
In a consumer-goods infused "hipster" culture, what does selling out mean today? I'm really interested in this at a theoretical level. I don;t know. Is Facebook selling out? Did Instagram sell out? We idealize success and cash, yet hate it when our favorite things get popular outside our own little groups. Again, we never made anything for an audience, we never had a business plan, we just wanted to make things and if "selling out" actually allows us to make TV and Films, and have books and records and events etc.... and not just an inky 'zine in Canada then I'll take it any day of the week.
On your travels did you have any moments where you felt like "Shit, I might not make it out of here."? Yes, a few times. Sudan, Liberia, Iran and Mexico.
What do you think the single greatest threat to mankind is? The greatest threat is nuclear proliferation. We should stop it ALL and NOW or we are fucked.
What was it like dealing with MTV? MTV are a company like all other companies just with more zeros attached at the end of it. They helped us start VBS and online video production and then let us go when we wanted to. My friendship with Tom Freston remains the most valuable remnant of that era.
How can I get a job at Vice? Apply!
After everything you have seen, heard, and experienced throughout the world, what one word or phrase would you use to sum it up? "where are all the adults?"
Most fucked up party stories? I have a million of them but that is for another day.
Jamaica, daggering.
Is North Korea best Korea ? NO! South Korea is awesome. North Korea is a disneyland ride back to Communist Cult of personality lunacy.
The documentary is actually called Page One and the thing that happened with David Carr was an interview that was eventually turned into this pretty enlightening article in the NYT. Also, funnily enough, the interview was actually about why Vice was partnering with CNN... Correct.
You seem to put yourself in some crazy situations, Whats one location you want to go but haven't had a chance yet? - How much preperation does a trip to dangerous parts of the world (N. Korea, Liberia etc.) typically include? - Was there ever a time where you had a WTF moment and realized you might not make it back? Somalia I have always wanted to go to and is our next big story, which is going to be heavy.
Depends some of our best stories had very little prep. NK had almost none (cept the year of waiting to get in)
Humans tend to make light of even the grimmest of situations. Are there any jokes dealing with regional issues that you've heard during your travels that you could share with us, as fucked up as they may be? A lot of jokes but mostly its situational so you need lots of context.
Was there any reason you and Joshua Blahyi were both wearing white suits while you were in the cemetery and the church? We were both going to church. Those are west african church going duds.
What happened between the guys at Vice and Gavin McInnes? is there still bad blood or is everything cool now? I am married with kids now and its like asking me about my girlfriends from 10 years ago. The response would be... "Well that was a long time ago and it was fun, but now it's a different thing, everything has changed and all that other stuff is just a memory." Same thing with Gavin.
What was the most shocking/unusual thing that you can tell us from seeing North Korea? Arirang games were the most shocking and unusual thing that I have ever seen in my life.
How much does North Korea hate you now? A lot.
What is your favorite issue of the mag to date? Favorite interview? Strangest interview? I think the last year of the mag has been my favorite because we finally go our shit together on the mix and have really seen it ride a rocket ship because of that. It feels like a whole new mag (which it is) run by kids that fucking live, eat and breathe it (which they do) and have broken ties with our history (Bob Dylan had to go electric) and now its better than its ever been, that makes me happy.
How much xanax do you take before boarding a third-world puddle-jumper? Some. with some wines. the finest wines known to humanity... or vodka.
What ever happened with that Liberian boy who smoked heroin in Vice Guide to Liberia? What was he like off camera? He was sadly like many other boys in west point, completely addicted to coke and heroin and penniless.
Have you hung out with David Cho since he made that 200 mil from facebook? Seems like a great dude, stoked for him. Did he have a party or anything? Cho is a legend. He is a pal and we both share the same love of cards. We had competing IM's about our recent trips to Vegas. He humiliated me and I won half a mil. Enough said, the man is special.
I heard that Vice was going to have a new series on HBO. Is that still in the works? I loved the podcast with Joe Rogan by the way. Love Rogan, he is the real deal, love his show too. HBO is taking up a lot of my time now and I CAN"T wait until we show it to the world. Its our best shit ever.
Who was your favorite local to talk to? You've met some profoundly evil people that lead other people and had other people commit crimes for them. Who was the evil person that struck you as the most likable? Minne Minawe was pretty likeable for a mass murderer.
After having hired someone like Kari Ferrell, has Vice taken any precautionary measures toward the hiring of new employees (i.e. background checks, personality tests, etc)? Hhahhha no. I dunno. It is cool that we were part of that very weird piece of history in a way. Its not like she stole our payroll or anything.
Thanks for doing some real journalism. You're an inspiration to me and all aspiring writers. I've noticed that VICE runs some pretty controversial, racy articles. Is there anything taboo for you guys, or stories you've just had to turn down? No.
The scariest for me was the African(Congo I think), whore house with the hopped up hooker that went insane. Love to know how far that ranks up there for Shane. EDIT: it's not Congo it's Liberia. Freaky for sure. it was after that actually where our driver (who was also supposed to be our security) was so freaked out that he peeled into a crowd of people. If he had hurt anyone (it was a miracle that he didn't) we would have been ripped to pieces. Doesn't come across in the segment, but that shit was heavy.
That was the Liberia one. that was one of the most horrifying documentaries ive ever seen, period. Shane if you read this comment, please let us know of anything that was cut out of that episode for being too extreme to show. We had some footage that we bought when we were there of cannibalism during the war, that we thought was a bit rich to show.
Hey Shane, just wondering how you feel about the whole KONY situation. Your video of you going to Liberia was pretty terrifying to say the least. Just wondering if you saw or heard anything about KONY when you were over there... I heard a lot about LRA when I was in Sudan, I think the kidnapping and brainwashing of children to be soldiers is the worst shit we are capable of as human beings.
Hi Shane, I just wanted to let you know that I misread the title of your AMA as time traveler rather than two time traveler-- which is probably the only thing that would have been more impressive. I am a time traveler. I drink vodka and then I wake up and things have happened.
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