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Haseltine is a married man. But there is not much info related to his wife. His Wikipedia also does not include much information related to his wife. The Businessman has 2 children. They are named as Mara Haseltine and Alex Haseltine. William comes from the family of the scientist. His father was a Ph.D. Physicist while grandfather was also an ... William Remington Moses or William Moses is an American actor best known for playing the role of Cole Gioberti in the soap opera Falcon Crest. Moses married twice in his lifetime. Previously he was married to actress Tracy Nelson from 1987 to 1997. Currently, he is maintaining a happy married life with his wife Sarah Moses since 2000. The two are living a life far from prying eyes of news ... William‘s wife Stacie Zabka is a surely a happy wife & mother who has a lovely husband & son that are very close & never miss out on adventures.The couple’s adorable pictures & long term marriage surely proves the couple is in for a long-run. We wish the happy couple, William & Stacie Zabka the best in their married life & we hope to see more of William’s Father-Son Adventure photos in ... William B. Crews Bio, Age, Wife, NIAID, RedState, Coronavirus, CDC, Fired. September 21, 2020 - by Author. William B. Crews Biography William B. Crews is a press officer at NIAID. He is also alleged to be an anonymous RedState editor who rails against the agency for which … William Levy Wife William Levy is not officially married to anyone but has started a family by giving birth to a son and a daughter with his long-term girlfriend Elizabeth Gutierrez Nevarez. He is said to have broken up with ex Elizabeth and is said to be having an affair with Ximena Navarrete, who was his co-star in La Tempested. William Shatner is coping just fine with his divorce. The actor and his fourth wife of 18 years, Elizabeth Martin, finalized their split earlier this year. “Nothing makes me sad at this age ... William Wallace didn’t bed the French wife of the Prince of Wales, Isabella. And he certainly didn’t leave her pregnant with the future Edward III. Isabella was born in 1295, making her only TWO years old during the events of the film. As for his education, William attended the College of Santa Fe and graduated in 2003. From us – Blake Lee Wiki: Age, Height, Ben Lewis, Parents, Net Worth. Who Is William Jackson Harper Wife? William Jackson Harper wasn’t married as of 2020. But his wife prospect certainly would be his girlfriend, Ali Ahn. William McDowell’s wife Gladys Knight. William McDowell’s wife is Gladys Knight. Gladys Knight was born in Oglethorpe, GA and is currently 76 years old. He is a American Soul Singer. The couple started dating in 2000. They’ve been together for approximately 20 years, 8 months, and 13 days. Heartbreaking. William Shatner filed for divorce from his wife, Elizabeth Shatner, after 18 years of marriage.Closer can confirm the Star Trek star and his horse trainer wife called it quits on ...


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2020.09.23 17:14 mbutterfly32 Request: Seeking to send Appreciation Letter to Widow of Favorite Author

Hi everyone—I was hoping to send a handwritten letter to Nancy Gardner Williams, the wife of John Williams. According to this interview she did in 2019, she lives in Pueblo, CO.
Anyone familiar with her or know a good place to send a letter and maybe a gift?
And, I highly highly encourage everyone to read Stoner by John Williams. Absolutely one of my favorite books!
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2020.09.23 15:13 portlane William Nally (May 30, 1950 - September 16, 2020)

May 30, 1950 - September 16, 2020
Will Nally passed away the morning of Sept. 16, 2020 after a year-long battle with liver cancer.
Will served his country with pride as a United States Marine during the Vietnam War. After leaving the military, he worked as a quality control engineer in the aerospace industry and took great pride in his work.
Will was a kind and caring person. He had a positive outlook on life and was always trying to be of service to others. He touched so many lives and will be missed by all.
He is survived by his wife of 25 years, Lori; two stepsons David and Matthew McLean; and two sisters, Cheryl Nally and Melinda Cupples.
Please share a memory @ www.columbian.com/obits
source: http://obits.columbian.com/obituaries/columbian/obituary.aspx?n=william-harold-nally-will&pid=196839339
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2020.09.23 13:35 Lady_Tully Lady Margaret Tully

Margaret Tully, Lady Regent of Riverrun and Lady Protector of the Trident
Discord Name: Arthur Hood#9917
Name and House: Margaret Tully
Age: 22
Cultural Group: Riverlander
Appearance: Red hair, blue eyes, and freckled skin. Typically fashions a headdress, favoring a conservative way of dress. Speaks in a high albeit hushed voice that seems beneath her age.
Gift(s): Magnate
Skill(s): Espionage (e), Investigator
Talent(s): Reading, writing, preaching
Negative Trait: N/A
Starting Title(s): Lady Regent of Riverrun and Lady Protector of the Trident
Starting Location: Riverrun
Alternate Characters: Banefort and Butterwell


Born in 287 AC to Simon Mooton, the heir to Maidenpool and his wife Liane Mallister, infant Margaret would be known simply as “Mags” by those who knew and loved her best. She was the second of the couple’s children, born only a year after her elder sister Lucinda. After the subsequent births of two more daughters, Simon decided not to attempt fathering a son. He instead committed to providing each of the four girls with an education befitting a ruler.
The town of Maidenpool had become crowded in the late third century, and the Mooton Keep was no exception. Along with Mags’s cousins were several more bastard cousins residing in the castle, and her grandfather welcomed numerous wards. The Mooton household hosted one Theon Rivers prior to his education at the Citadel, and this would birth an unlikely but formative relationship between the two.
Despite showing the expected interests of a noble girl, Mags fell short in places where some of her siblings didn’t; as a child her two front teeth were notably large and the rest of her adult teeth slow to grow in, beginning her fashioning of a neutral expression in the best of times. She would, however, smile for her dear companion Theon, for he could make her laugh. As a child she was reserved, a trait easy to misplace for aloofness. However, her scholarly pursuits spoke for itself; were she a son and still the younger child, she would’ve been a prime acolyte at the Citadel. It angered her when Theon was free to leave, yet she was left to linger on her lonesome. From the time she began learning, Mags showed a talent for numbers (administrator).
The growth of R’hllor worship in Maidenpool, enabled by Lord Victor Mooton’s tolerance and sympathy, had raised tensions throughout the town which the inquisitive albeit sensitive Mags was able to pick up on. Uncontrolled population growth further exacerbated this tension, pitting the wealthy against the poor; longtime citizens against newcomers; and, most worryingly, one god against seven. For a child afraid of fire, it was an easy choice. Mags fell reflexively into dealing with the Faith of the Seven, from that point contemplating becoming a Septa. It would allow her the closest thing to a Maester’s link she could hope to acquire as a woman: boundless opportunity to learn, to grow her convictions and do both without being weighed down by wifely obligations.
Mags’s Lord grandfather’s religious indifference and open self-indulgence increasingly frustrated his kinsmen, Mags in particular, but he nevertheless remained beloved by most at home and influential abroad. His amicable relationship with the crown provided Mags’s elder sister Lucinda with the privilege of serving Queen Rhaenys Targaryen as a Lady-in-Waiting, although when Mags was presented with that same opportunity she declined sheepishly, feeling daunted by the size of the royal court and lacking in confidence, and most of all dreading how it would remove her from her books.
Adolescent rebelliousness briefly washed over Mags, but it left her so quickly it seemed little more than a fever dream. Still, it was one of few exposures to her own weaknesses, something she felt she could only protect herself against by retreating into scripture and more into herself.
Nevertheless, it was during this time that Mags’s scholarly pursuits brought her beyond dusty pages. She became more keen on the happenings within her family’s ancestral walls, finding herself interested if only for the sake of potential documentation (investigator).
Lucinda was eventually called to return to Maidenpool by their father, who had recently succeeded her grandfather much to Mags’s relief. With Simon’s succession came a reversal in House Mooton’s diplomatic orientation; he wanted to distance his house from the Red God worshiper on the throne, and to instead cultivate closer ties with House Tully. More importantly, he wanted to intimately involve his firstborn in his rule over Maidenpool, so that she might be fully prepared for her own eventual succession. Mags wasn’t certain of the details of her father’s plan, but she would soon be made perfectly aware.
Lord Simon’s contempt for a heathen King went hand-in-hand with a reversal of his father’s religious policies, something Mags quietly approved of. Red priests had for long preached openly in Maidenpool’s streets, and at their red temple they closely coordinated their plans for proselytization. Simon concluded that the first step to containing the Red Faith’s spread was to abolish the red temple and banish the red priests, and Margaret agreed.
However, the backlash was even greater than anyone had anticipated. The red priests refused to vacate their temple, compelling Lord Mooton to drive them out by threat of force. Margaret urged her father to move ahead despite the priests’ reluctance, but the outrage of their followers culminated in a riot the following night. Two dozen structures were ransacked and razed began marching south toward the Pink Sept, intent on destroying every institution of the Faith of the Seven. They were intercepted by men-at-arms under the leadership of Ser Grover Mooton, the aging castellan of the Mooton Keep. When the mob ignored his threats, he followed through with his word; Mooton men turned their swords on the rioters, and several were slaughtered before the others dispersed. Margaret felt it a fitting end for heathens who allowed themselves to turn feral.
It hadn’t been Lord Mooton’s intention to suppress the Red Faith through bloodshed. Recognizing that he could not uphold a lasting peace through force alone, he yielded to Lucinda’s advice and scaled back his initial policies much to Margaret’s chagrin. To appease his R’hllor-worshiping subjects, he allowed for the construction of a new red temple in the harbor. He likewise permitted red priests to resume their public preaching, so long as they remained outside of the town’s walls. This would lessen Mags’s view of her father for the remainder of his life. The Seven faithful of Maidenpool were likewise disappointed in the aftermath of the riot. The destruction of their property only furthered their hatred for the foreign faith, and many were eager to see Lord Mooton instead take a harder line against the red priests. To appease them, Lord Mooton allowed for the red temple to be converted into a sept. It soon became home to the White Septon, a reactionary who endeavored to deconvert the urban poor and reinvigorate the Seven faithful, a plan Mags would later be keen on adopting when she accumulated power in her own right.
The high point of Simon Mooton’s lordship came the following year in 305 AC when he wed Margaret to Clement Tully, the heir to Riverrun. The choice of noblewoman of close birth to their family made sense to the dwindling House of Tully. A Tully on her grandmother’s side, the old Lord Hoster felt one closely related to the family would be more likely do protect their best interest when ruling by his afflicted heir’s side. Margaret had no interest in marrying Clement, if she had any interest in marrying at all; Clement was known to be eccentric, even softer than her grandsire and perhaps even slow in certain respects. Margaret had deeper reasons for disparaging the match, but on the council of the one closest to her, she consented. There was a delay in the bedding due to Clement’s eccentricity but Margaret soon fell pregnant anyways. She would give birth to a healthy baby girl christened Hostella in honor of her grandsire, becoming a delight to the old Lord Tully whose pond long struggled to grow new guppies.
It was during this period that Lord Tully began grooming Margaret for leadership. It had long been assumed due to Clement’s nature that it wouldn’t be him who reigned even if he did so in name, and so Lord Tully trained her as best he could despite Margaret soon acquiring new interests of her own (espionage). A new world opened up to her, one where she could attain what she wanted because the only one above her would be too weak to refuse her. Even that small bit of promise proved intoxicating for the young girl who once boasted humble ambitions. She could have her cake and eat it too, except not because she was temperate.
Margaret Mooton’s marriage to Clement Tully ended a year later with his early death following a boating accident off the coast of Maidenpool, but Lord Simon nevertheless remained committed to forging lasting ties with Riverrun much to Margaret’s surprise. He consented to Margaret’s remarriage to Lord Hoster Tully, who lacked an heir in the aftermath of his only living son’s death. To celebrate this union, he arranged for a tournament to be held at Maidenpool in 307 AC.
Margaret hadn’t much wanted to wed Lord Tully. He was old, balding, missing teeth, boasting a skeletal figure with a grotesque pot belly hanging from his midsection. He was indecisive like her grandsire. He was old, not of particularly strong constitution, and would die soon. But what options were available to her? The cloistered life had long lost its appeal, as did the thought of returning to live in Maidenpool permanently. She dreaded to think of the drivel that expelled from Lucinda’s mouth following her period in the royal court. Besides, if she consented she wouldn’t have to wait to be the Lord’s wife. She would be the Lord’s wife. And so, with the stars of ambition bright in her eyes, Margaret consented to Lord Tully’s admittedly inappropriate enthusiasm. Although she didn’t consider him wholly cunning, their relationship did develop something of a mentorly essence far more than it did of husband and wife, though the old Lord Tully loved her in a way he hadn’t known since the death of his wife.
Shortly after the wedding and the tournament that followed, Lord Mooton died. While the newlywed Tullys couldn’t make it in time for the funeral, the pair sent their regards and Margaret sent an uncharacteristically remorseful letter.
However, her sentiments had been repaid by her sister upon the birth of her son William by Lord Hoster Tully: she’d been written out of succession, leaving her stuttering sister Agnes to be the heir. She merely wished her sister good health. There was little else she could manage, as during her pregnancy Hoster’s health began to fade and by the time her son was born it was clear he was close to death.
When finally his death came in early 309 AC, Margaret was sad. She hadn’t cried for the first, nor did she cry for the second, but she wished Hoster hadn’t died. However, she made the pragmatic decision to involve herself in the family’s future, soon being declared the Lady Regent of Riverrun and Lady Protector of the Trident until William came of age. Hostella was declared Heir to Riverrun.
Though her reign remained largely unremarkable to the current point, she'd long begun thinking of taking action where the men before her failed.


  • 287 AC: Margaret is born to Simon Mooton and his wife in Maidenpool, joining big sister Lucinda.
  • 289 AC: Margaret’s younger sister Agnes is born.
  • 291 AC: Margaret’s youngest and favorite sister Gretchel is born.
  • 292 AC- 304 AC: Growing up, Margaret is close to the future Grand Maester Theon and is groomed to be a competent lady who is drastically shaped by the goings on in Maidenpool. She’s a homebody.
  • 305 AC: The Heir to Riverrun, Clement Tully, and an apprehensive Margaret get married; she's groomed for a future of ruling due to her presumably ineffective husband.
  • 305 AC: Margaret gives birth to her first child, a daughter named Hostella.
  • 306 AC: Clement Tully dies following a boating accident.
  • 307 AC: Lord Simon Mooton dies.
  • 308 AC: Margaret gives birth to her son William.
  • 309 AC: Lord Hoster Tully dies of old age.
  • 309 AC: William Tully is declared the Lord of Riverrun, while Margaret is declared Lady Regent of Riverrun and Lady Protector of the Trident.
  • 309 AC: Lady Tully seeks the endorsement of the High Septon, a rapport she continues trying to build into the current day.


Supporting Cast:

  • Septon Raynaud - Septon and Bodyguard of Lord William - Archetype: Warrior (Swords)
  • Septa Prudence - Septa and caretaker of the Tully children - Archetype: Medic
  • Septon Balfour - Septon, Underling of Lady Margaret - Archetype: Questioner
  • Meribald Lychester - Castellan of Riverrun - Archetype: Castellan
  • Jared Tully - Scion of House Tully - Archetype: Tourney Knight
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If you are interested in the next bootlegs, write me an email in [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) This post will be only 72 hours.

Andrew Rannels in concert
Anything Goes - Second Broadway Revival - November 15, 2011
Cast: Stephanie J Block (Reno Sweeney), Joel Grey (Moonface Martin), Erin Mackey (Hope Harcourt), Colin Donell (Billy Crocker), Adam Godley (Evelyn Oakleigh) and Kelly Bishop (Evangeline Harcourt)
Bandstand Film (2018)
Beetlejuice Broadway 2019
Cast: Alex Brightman (Beetlejuice), Sophia Anne Caruso (Lydia Deetz), Rob McClure (Adam Maitland), Kerry Butler (Barbara Maitland), Adam Dannheisser (Charles Deetz), Leslie Kritzer (Delia SchlimmeMiss Argentina), Danny Rutigliano (Maxie Dean), Jill Abramovitz (Maxine Dean/Juno), Kelvin Moon Loh (Otho) and Dana Steingold (Skye Girl Scout).
Book of Mormon (Ben Platt)
Book of Mormon OBC
Carousel Lincoln Center 2013
Cast: Kelli O'Hara (Julie Jordan), Nathan Gunn (Billy Bigelow), Stephanie Blythe (Nettie Fowler), Shuler Hensley (Jigger Craigin), Jason Danieley (Enoch Snow), Jessie Mueller (Carrie Pipperidge), Kate Burton (Mrs. Mullin), Tiler Peck (Louise Bigelow) and John Cullum (StarkeepeDr. Seldon)
Carousel March 2, 2018
Cast: Joshua Henry (Billy Bigelow), Jessie Mueller (Julie Jordan), Renee Fleming (Nettie Fowler), Margaret Colin (Mrs. Mullins), Alexander Gemignani (Enoch Snow), Lindsay Mendez (Carrie Pipperidge), Brittany Pollack (Louise Bigelow), Amar Ramasar (Jigger Craigin) and John Douglas Thompson (Starkeeper) Cinderella Broadway Date: March 13th, 2013
Cast: Laura Osnes (Ella), Santino Fontana (Topher), Peter Bartlett (Sebastian), Victoria Clark (Marie), Ann Harada (Charlotte), Harriet Harris (Madame), Greg Hildreth (Jean-Michel), Marla Mindelle (Gabrielle), and Phumzile Sojola (Lord Pinkleton).
Cinderella Broadway
Cast: Carly Rae Jepsen (Ella), Joe Carroll (Topher), Peter Bartlett (Sebastian), Victoria Clark (Marie), Ann Harada (Charlotte), Fran Drescher (Madame), Greg Hildreth (Jean-Michel), Marla Mindelle (Gabrielle), and Phumzile Sojola (Lord Pinkleton).
Falsettos ​Lincoln Center Broadcast 2017
Cast: Christian Borle (Marvin), Stephanie J Block (Trina), Andrew Rannells (Whizzer), Brandon Uranowitz (Mendel), Anthony Rosenthal (Jason), Tracie Thoms (Charlotte) and Betsy Wolfe (Cordelia).
Finding Neverland Pre-Broadway / Cambridge - August 17, 2014 (Matinee)
Cast: Jeremy Jordan (J.M. Barrie), Laura Michelle Kelly (Sylvia Llewelyn Davies), Michael McGrath (Charles Frohman/Captain James Hook), Jeanna de Waal (Mary Barrie), Carolee Carmello (Mrs. du Maurier), Aidan Gemme (Peter Llewelyn Davies), Alex Dreier (Michael Llewelyn Davies), Hayden Signoretti (Jack Llewelyn Davies), Sawyer Nunes (George Llewelyn Davies)
Notes: Fantastic capture from start to finish with just a couple quick dropouts in act one; clear video with no washout or obstruction; filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups.
If then August 30, 2014 VOB HIGHLIGHTS
Cast: Jackie Burns (s/b Elizabeth), Charles Hagerty (u/s Josh), Curtis Holbrook (temp. Lucas), LaChanze, Jenn Colella, Jerry Dixon, Jason Tam, Tamika Lawrence.
In the heights (Lincoln Center)
In the heights OBC
Into the Woods Live in the Central Park (complete)
Cast: Donna Murphy (The Witch), Amy Adams (The Baker's Wife), Denis O'Hare (Baker), Chip Zien (Mysterious Man and Cinderella's Father), Jack Broderick (Narrator), Gideon Glick (Jack), Cooper Grodin (Rapunzel’s Prince), Ivan Hernandez (Cinderella’s Prince and Wolf), Tina Johnson (Granny), Josh Lamon (Steward), Jessie Mueller (Cinderella), Laura Shoop (Cinderella’s Mother), Tess Soltau (Rapunzel) and Glenn Close (Voice of the Giant).
Last five years (Film 2014) Anna Kendrick (Cathy) and Jeremy Jordan (Jamie)
Matilda Closing night (1/1/2017)
Cast: Willow McCarthy (Matilda), Jennifer Blood (Ms. Honey), Bryce Ryness (Ms. Trunchbull), John Sander (Mr. Wormwood), Lesli Margherita (Mrs. Wormwood) and Karen Aldridge (Mrs. Phelps).
Mean Girls OBC
Mean Girls US Tour
Newsies (Film 2017)
Cast: Jeremy Jordan (Jack Kelly), Kara Lindsay (Katherine Plumber), Ben Fankhauser (Davey Jacobs), Andrew Keenan Bolger (Crutchie).
Six UK Tour (2018)
Cast: Jarneia Richard-Noel (Catherine of Aragon), Millie O'Connell (Anne Boleyn), Natalie May Paris (Jane Seymour), Alexia McIntosh (Anna of Cleves), Aimie Atkinson (Katherine Howard) and Maiya Quansah-Breed (Catherine Parr).
Waitress OBC
Cast: Jessie Mueller (Jenna), Keala Settle (Becky), Kimiko Glenn (Dawn), Drew Gehling (Dr. Pomatter), Nick Cordero (Earl), Dakin Matthews (Joe), Eric Anderson (Cal) and Christopher Fitzgerald (Ogie)
Waitress (Shobean&JJ)
Cast: Shoshana Bean (Jenna), Charity Angél Dawson (Becky), Molly Jobe (Dawn), Jeremy Jordan (Dr Pomatter), Eddie Jemison (Ogies), Benny Elledge (Cal), Larry Marsh (Joe), Ben Thompson (Earl), Melody A Betts (Nurse Norma), Tess Murphy (Lulu), Stephanie Torns (Francine Pomatter), Molly Hager (Mother) and Dan Tracy (Dad).
Wicked Broadway - July 18, 2004
Cast: Idina Menzel (Elphaba), Kristin Chenoweth (Glinda), Norbert Leo Butz (Fiyero), Sean McCourt (u/s The Wizard), Carole Shelley (Madame Morrible), Michelle Federer (Nessarose), Randy Harrison (t/r Boq), William Youmans (Doctor Dillamond)
Notes: This is Kristin and Norbert's last show. It was also supposed to be Joel Grey's last show, but he was ill. Video is sound only for first 4 minutes. This is a great video and excellent sound. Includes the speech by Idina.
Wicked – Broadway – March 29, 2006 (VOB no smalls)
Cast: Saycon Sengbloh (Elphaba u/s), Megan Hilty (Glinda), Derrick Williams (Fiyero), Ben Vereen (The Wizard), Carol Kane (Madame Morrible), Jenna Leigh Green (Nessarose), Robb Sapp (Boq)
Wicked Oct 9, 2007 Broadway
Cast: Stephanie J Block (Elphaba), Annaleigh Ashford (Glinda), Sebastian Arcelus (Fiyero), Lenny Wolpe (The Wizard), Kathy Santen (u/s Madame Morrible), Cristy Candler (Nessarose), Logan Lipton (Boq), Steven Skybell (Doctor Dillamond)
NOTES: First Performances of Stephanie J. Block and Annaleigh Ashford. Beautifully captured and wonderful closeups, jaw dropping footage.
Wicked Broadway - October 31, 2008
Cast: Kerry Ellis (Elphaba), Kendra Kassebaum (Glinda), Aaron Tveit (Fiyero), PJ Benjamin (The Wizard), Jayne Houdyshell (Madame Morrible), Cristy Candler (Nessarose), Ben Liebert (Boq) and Timothy Britten Parker (Doctor Dillamond)
Notes: Halloween! Great performance from all the cast here. Includes a Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aidsspeech by Aaron Tveit at the end. Wonderful quality, kind of shaky though.
Wicked Broadway – July, 2018 (VOB + smalls)
Cast: Jessica Vosk (Elphaba), Amanda Jane Cooper (Glinda), Curt Hansen (t/r Fiyero), Kevin Chamberlin (The Wizard), Isabel Keating (Madame Morrible), Kristen Martin (Nessarose), Jye Frasca (Boq) and Martin Moran (Doctor Dillamond)
Wicked Broadway - March, 2019
Cast: Laurel Harris (s/b Elphaba), Katie Rose Clarke (Glinda), Ryan McCartan (Fiyero), Michael McCormick (The Wizard), Nancy Opel (Madame Morrible), Kristen Martin (Nessarose), Jesse JP Johnson (Boq), Jamie Jackson (Doctor Dillamond), Manuel Herrera (Chistery), Kathy Santen (Midwife), Sterling Masters (Witch's Mother) and William Ryall (Witch's Father / Ozian Official)
Notes: This is a vivid 4K video with almost no obstructions. Pretty much everything is centered, with beautiful zooms but also wider shots that showcase the dancing and set design. At times the video appears on an angle because my wrists are weak, but you don't miss anything because of it.
Wicked Broadway - May, 2019
Cast: Laurel Harris (s/b Elphaba), Ginna Claire Mason (Glinda), Jake Boyd (Fiyero), Michael McCormick (The Wizard), Nancy Opel (Madame Morrible), Gizel Jimenez (Nessarose), Jesse JP Johnson (Boq), Jamie Jackson (Doctor Dillamond)
Notes: Beautiful HD capture of newcomers Ginna-Claire and Jake Boyd joining the cast. This angle makes the action very easy to follow and without obstructions.The colors are incredible, there is very little washout, and includes curtain call.
Wicked 2nd National Tour April 13th, 2014
Cast: Laurel Harris (Elphaba), Kara Lindsay (Glinda), Matt Shingledecker (Fiyero), Gene Weygandt (Wizard), Jane Brokman (u/s Morrible), Emily Behny (Nessarose), Lee Slobotkin (Boq), John Hillner (Dr Dillamond), Wayne Schroder (Witch’s FatheOzian Official), Kerry Blanchard (Witch’s Mother), Lauren Haughton (u/s Midwife), Mark Shunkey (Chistery)
Wicked 2nd National Tour – November 6, 2016 Evening
Cast: Jessica Vosk (Elphaba), Allison Bailey (u/s Glinda), Jeremy Woodard (Fiyero), Stuart Zagnit (The Wizard), Wendy Worthington (Madame Morrible), Kristen Martin (Nessarose), Sam Seferian (Boq), Chad Jennings (Doctor Dillamond).
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2020.09.23 10:50 PodracerT Paul Stoddart (of Minardi) anecdote on Michael Schumacher [2002]

PS: I think they are going to try, there is no doubt about that. And I think if you ask Williams and McLaren, they will both tell you that they feel they are well on the way to catching up. I had the privilege of being driven by Michael (Schumacher) in the back of one of our two-seaters last month, and having done seven laps with the best driver the world has ever seen, or ever likely to see, I don't think they have got a chance in hell. But that's my opinion.
Q: Is that where you put Schumacher? The best driver ever?
PS: Without a doubt. In fact, it was so bad or so good - whichever way you want to look at it - that I had to drive the car the next day and I felt totally inadequate even getting into the thing.
Really cool
Q: To follow on what you just said, Paul, about seven laps behind Michael Schumacher in one of the Minardi two-seater cars, and you did an appraisal of him. Firstly, how did this come about that you were doing seven laps behind Michael Schumacher in one of your two-seater cars and, secondly, did he do any appraisal of your car?
PS: Yes to both. Let's go back to the beginning, and it has a very Melbourne-orientated flavour this. When we scored those two points everybody saw we were all in tears, but basically Ferrari pulled me and Mark in as we were coming back off the podium into their garage to just say, 'Well done and congratulations, etcetera', and Michael at that point - I jokingly invited him to our party that night and he said: 'Yeah, I'll come, I'll bring my wife'. And he did, true to his word. He actually had another function he was supposed to go to. He didn't go to it, he came to our party. And so did 660 other people from the pit lane, from every team in the pit lane - it was that popular. And that night we were just sitting at the bar talking and Michael's wife, Corinna, said to me, 'I would love to feel what it's like to be in the car with Michael', and I said, 'Why don't you? We will do it at the end of the year'. And it was the best kept secret in Formula One, when you consider all the media attention we had throughout the year. Nobody knew right up until the day we did it. And we did a whole day. Michael put his wife, he put (Ferrari team chief) Jean Todt and many other Ferrari people through, and the car did over a race distance. And I think I can only summarise it like this: Michael at the end said, 'Thank you'. He gave me a little memento and he said, 'Thank you', written on the side of it, 'for a most fantastic, really reliable and fast, underlined, car'. And I will tell you now that Michael Schumacher "qualified" a two-seater Minardi within 107 per cent - and those of you that understand exactly what that means will know what I'm saying. And that's why no one is going to beat him.
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The Graveyard RISES, and the Orphaned art is ALIVE!

For week of Wednesday, Sep 23

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Each link is numbered so you can identify which post you've created art for in your comment to this post. I've also included the username of the submitter just in case it gets deleted. If you click through and find the post was deleted either when you are just looking or if you have already made art, *please send a Mod Mail to let us know.** At least with the username you will be able to send them a link to your art.*
Please also post a link to your art as a reply to this post to allow the Mods to see what you've created! Make sure you identify the post, including the flair type (Pets 29, Groups 50, etc. for example), drawn so I can remove that link from the list. Also you may use this post to share art with the mods when your submitter has deleted their post, regardless of whether the art was intended for the Graveyard or whether you knew their username or not. That's what the "Orphans" is about
Each week you will find the Graveyard list pinned to my profile with previously unused links as well as new ones. An additional Archive has older posts.
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2020.09.23 04:52 HoneyButterAddict (CK2) Marrying William the Bastard: How?

I have schemed for this man. I literally built my playstyle this go-round around this man. I started playing in 1067 as the queen of England, basically shamelessly claiming all the hard work William did historically (he's William the Bastard in this, not William the Conqueror) and I am loving it, but there is one thing I can't have: this sexy sexy military god. I killed his wife, which went smoothly because he helped me do it, and now he and I are lovers, but he won't agree to a matrilineal marriage because he's "too high in the line of succession". Succession to what?? All he is is the count of Lincoln. No claims on anything, no other holdings. How do I get married to him before William the Bastard lands me with a bastard of his own?
EDIT: Well, shit. I'm pregnant. It might be his---I have another lover.
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2020.09.23 01:11 Sacrolargo [ALL] As if 2020 didn't already sabotage my emotional stability...

A friend gifted me this game last year and it had been sitting in my library until last week, when I decided to finally give it a try, mostly out of boredom. I went in without expectations, unadulterated and without spoilers, not knowing anything about what kind of game or story I was about to embark on beyond a single "it's good" from a friend.
I just finished it. Played an episode a night for the past 4 days. You know where this is going.
I am crushed. Heartbroken. Wrecked. Shattered. Weak. I feel a void inside. I barely slept and I've been completely out of it at work today. My wife asked me if I was OK. Maybe I should have taken a personal day.
I've played thousands of games on multiple platforms for the better part of the past 2 decades, and I just simply never had such a deep emotional attachment to a game, its plot, or its characters before. I could tell I was getting more invested than usual by EP 2, but I never expected this sort of gut-wrenching feeling, akin to a friend passing away.
The William plot had already jerked a few tears out of me, but this finale was too much. When the last decision came onscreen, I paused the game for like 2 hours while I sat down outside refusing to make that choice, reading online about the implications of each. I finally made the choice and this grown man in the late 20's, one that usually playfully mocks others who get emotional during movies, let the tears flow, almost wishing I had come here beforehand so I could I see all the "buy tissues" recommendations.
I know I'm coming into this realization and this community very late in the game but holy crap, this stuff was amazing and I wanted to drop by and say my piece. I both love and hate my friend for introducing me to this, and as soon as I can play the game's soundtrack without tearing up, I'll get right on LiS: BTS for some more pain.
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2020.09.23 01:00 DatSpicyBoi17 Contact Ideas

So I came up with some contract ideas and I had no idea where to post them so I figured I'd post the briefings here. If there's enough interest, I may post the other 2.
Contract 1: "Good morning 47. Your destination is Athens Greece. Our client is the wife of famous deceased athlete Joshua Williams. Joshua Williams made the headlines last year when he died of a overdose of performance enhancing drugs. Due to this fact he has had a lot of his awards taken from him posthumously. There was also a clause in his contract that stated that if he was caught taking performance enhancing drugs, he would be forced to pay damages to the Olympic commission and the United States government. This has left his surviving wife and kids deep in debt. Our client claims that due to her husband's devout religious beliefs, there is no way he would take the drugs willingly. That leaves his coach, Sebastian Crosse, as the only possible culprit. Our client wants proof of his guilt recovered as well as Sebastian taken out. Time to put Sebastian into early retirement 47. I will now leave you to prepare."
Contract 2: Welcome to Los Angeles, 47. Your destination is the largest indoor arcade in the world, Damien's Palace. It stands at 6 stories high, and is on the verge of bankruptcy. The disappearances of over half a million teens and young children have caused the company stock prices to hit an all-time low. Our client, Damien Pitchford, wants to shadowy cloud surrounding his business dispelled for good. Your first Target, is the unknown Mastermind behind the kidnappings known simply as "The Engineer". Little is known about him other than the fact that he has ties to organized crime and suffers from epilepsy. your second target is the prosecutor working on the investigation, Julius Stokes. Our client believes that Prosecutor Stokes is on the payroll of "The Engineer" due to the fact that the investigation has made no progress in 2 years, and the private investigator sent by Damian was killed under mysterious circumstances. The contract calls for the elimination of both men as well as the recovery of evidence of everyone involved in the trafficking. The safety of thousands of children as well as the jobs of thousands of employees rests solely on your shoulders. Good luck.
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2020.09.23 00:06 Munro_McLaren Hopes and wants for the final season of Supergirl

I am devastated by the news that Season 6 of Supergirl will be the last season. I for sure thought it would at least end with a shortened Season 7 like Arrow did. But I will always cherish what the show became, the characters on the show and the actors and actresses who portrayed them.
I do have some hopes for how Supergirl ends. Some could very likely happen and others maybe not. It’s a pretty long list, but we have 20 episodes.
Kara staying in National City – Season 3 made a huge point of Kara realized her home is with Alex in National City with her family and friends. The Danvers Sisters are also a huge sort of the show. It would be pretty shitty for them to end the show with them part in ways.
Lena getting back L-Corp – Now this might take some work since a Lena would have to once again rebrand LuthorCorp into L-Corp. But I would very much like to see it happen since Chris decided to erase all of Lena’s hard work.
Alex and Kelly marrying – I would love to see Alex and Kelly get married. It would be the first wedding in Supergirl. Bonus, they adopt a kid.
Brainy and Nia getting engaged – Brainy and Nia are such a cute couple and they’ve definitely had their ups and downs. I hope in Season 6 we see them move forward even stronger and maybe even get engaged.
Kelly becoming Guardian – We have learned that Kelly was in the military therefore definitely had some hand to hand combat skills. I would love to see her pick up the mantle of Guardian like we saw in the 100th episode.
Kara getting Krypto! – I would love to see Krypto be introduced to Supergirl! Maybe Kara adopts a stray dog that turns out to be super!
Lena getting a suit – Now people will probably be like why should Lena get a suit? Well, I think it would be pretty cool for Lena to get a suit similar to Alex’s from Season 3-4. We know that Lena will most likely be making gadgets and working behind the scenes at the Tower, but I would love if she got her own super suit. Maybe green and purple, the signature Luther colors.
Cat coming back for like an episode or two – Cat Grant played a huge role in Kara’s life and helped shape who she is today. I don’t care how they do it, but I hope they manage to bring Cat back to help say goodbye to this wonderful show.
Sam and Ruby Arias visiting or moving back – I know in Season 4 we learned that Sam and Ruby have settled into Metropolis pretty well, but I would love if they decided to move back to National City. Maybe if Lena decides to start her own company, Sam can be her CFO.
Lucy visiting – You can’t really end Supergirl with Lucy Lane popping up. I hope we see her able to pop into National City. Maybe while she’s on leave?
Andrea selling CatCo back to Lena or Cat – This probably won’t happen, but I don’t like what CatCo’s become.
Andrea kinda joining Team Supergirl – Team Supergirl already has a pretty big roster with Kara, Alex, Jonn, Brainy, Nia, Lena and Kelly so I’m not sure how one more would help a whole lot. But maybe she doesn’t full joins them, but helps out once in a while.
Alura taking a vacation to Earth – Season 3 totally screwed up Kara and her mom’s reunion. So I would love to have Alura come back and get some scenes with Kara and Alura that aren’t about a guy. Also, I would love to see Alura meet Lena, Brainy and Nia.
Road trip to Midvale – This could jump happen as a vacation for Team Supergirl *(god knows they all need one) or they could all go back if Alex and Kelly get married. Lena, Brainy and Nia can see where Kara and Alex grew up and it would just be a feel good episode.
Kara and William not getting together – This relationship was just doomed from the start. If they wanted the audience to like him, they should’ve have introduced him as a toxic jerk (Kara’s words) and then be like actually he’s a nice person that was just a cover. There are plenty of other ways to be undercover. Not to mention there’s no chemistry between the two of them. But it seems they will be going the endgame route, which ooh boy.
Winn bringing his wife and daughter back for a visit – I would love to meet Winn’s family and if they’re able to bring him back for an episode or two, I wouldn’t mind. Also, Mon-El could come back. He’s probably married since it’s been like 10 years in the future since he left. Hope he’s with Shadow Lass.
A small Supergirl and S&L crossover – Yes, I know there’s a pandemic right now, but I honestly thought we’d have a crossover between these two shows before Supergirl ended and it sucks that we won’t. So maybe we’ll have a a small one? I would love to see Kara meet Clark’s twin boys.
That’s all I have for right now. I’ll probably think of more later on. But these are the main ones I for sure want to happen. If anybody else has any hopes and wishes for the final season of Supergirl, drop them down below! I would love to hear them!
Also, Supercorp should be endgame. Or single Kara, which is honestly the best Kara.
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2020.09.22 19:10 TSLPDustin S04E21 Super Official Discussion

Disclaimer: This is an official discussion thread. Spoilers will remain untagged. If you have not seen the film or listened to our episode, we highly recommend you refrain from continuing until you’ve done so. Please report broken links or out of date information.
Title: Super
Year: 2010
Synopsis: After his wife falls under the influence of a drug dealer, an everyday guy transforms himself into Crimson Bolt, a superhero with the best intentions, but lacking in heroic skills.
Director(s): James Gunn
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 49%
Rotten Tomatoes Page: Super
IMDb Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (73,758 votes)
IMDb Page: Super
Where to Watch: Amazon YouTube iTunes
Our Episode: Click here to listen on iTunes
Clue for Next Week’s Episode: “Jesus Christ, it’s our 100th episode. It’s quite a revelation; you can’t deny it. Holy shit, God help us. It’s almost like a resurrection of the show. It’s a new era for us; like a new testament.”
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2020.09.22 15:06 lagflag Father's first name as a daughter's middle name?

Brief (or prolonged ) background:
We came from a culture where everyone's legal name is consisting of 4 names (no choice here): First name Father name Grandparent name (father's father) Grand grand Parent name. So your name is like your family tree from your father whether a boy or girl, you only choose your child's first name but the rest will follow.
For simplicity, the father's name is the name that is commonly used. Example: John Robert Edward William will always be referred to as John Robert, and not John William.
Immigrating to the US, we didn't have a choice either on what the last name would be on our visas back then. So despite we were used to "John Robert", we now have to accept that it now becomes "John William" on all of our US official documents.
End of the culture lesson
Back to my question, we are about to have our first daughter after 16 years of marriage (infertility issues)! My wife keeps wondering (we didn't even see that "William"), why our daughter would have his name? My wife wants our daughter to have my first name as her middle name to honor me (same as our culture back then)!
I keep saying that this would look like I am a narcissistic parent who wanted to just put his own name somewhere that doesn't belong (based on the new culture here). That might embarrass her in some situations and us as well.
Am I right in this assumption? Should we just go with the flow? How would you look at a father who put his first name as his daughter middle name?
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2020.09.22 07:57 Comstark99 Rickard Dustin, Heir to Barrowton

Discord Name: Deckard#5005
Name and House: Rickard Dustin
Age: 20
Cultural Group: First men (Northman)
Appearance: A tall man for his age, Rickard is well over 6 ft tall.
Gift(s): Commander
Skill(s): Swords, Riding, Armored
Talent(s): Hunting, Tracking, Riding
Negative Trait: N/A
Starting Title(s): Heir to High Lordship of Barrowton
Starting Location: Winterfell
Alternate Characters: N/A
Born 289 to Lord Hother Dustin and Lady Branda Stout. Rickard is an only child and heir to the High Lordship of Barrowton. His father Lord Hother is an avid huntsman and swordsman, and has trained his son since Rickard could hold a sword. His mother Lady Branda is the daughter of Lord Beron Stout. Lady Branda has one younger brother Halys who is heir to Goldgrass. Halys has one son William around his nephews age. The family is very close and spends many moons traveling back and forth between Goldgrass and Barrowton.
After Rickards birth his mother Lady Branda became ill and near death. Only after months of treatment was she able to leave her bed, the maesters confirmed the Lord and Lady’s worst fears, she could not conceive any longer without great risk to both her and the child. Many lords pleaded with Hother to take a new wife and set aside Branda to have more heirs. Hother stood by Lady Branda and declared that Rickard would be his only heir.
From birth Rickard was brought into a loving family that instilled in him great values that he would carry for the rest of his life. A born swordsman, his father made him practice everyday and made sure no man, but Hother himself, could beat him. Hother also made sure to instill his love for hunting and horseback riding. His mother raised him to value family and was very often traveling to and from Goldgrass to establish a good relationship between House Dustin and House Stout.
Rickard was raised mainly in Barrowton but did spend some years under his grandfather Lord Beron Stout. When Rickard Dustin turned one and ten he was sent to foster under his grandfather and uncle. He became fast friend with his cousin William who Rickard was two years his senior. His grandfather taught him about diplomacy and statecraft. His grandfather also took him on hunting trips as a way of connecting. His uncle Halys was his sparring partner in the mornings and evenings. His cousin William, while decent with a blade, had a more apt mind for numbers and studied just as much if not more than he trained.
Rickard returned to Barrowton at the age of five and ten and became interested in becoming more involved with Barrowton. Rickard would hunt in the mornings and give his food away in the town. He felt that by establishing himself as an ally with his people earlier it would make ruling in the future easier. There he met a merchant Morgan ‘Snow’ the bastard of innkeeper who offered to help donate and distribute the food. Rickard could see the wisdom of this man and felt he was wasted in the city and could better serve the people working for his father. His father was in need of a new steward as the previous one had been caught stealing. Morgan soon made a name for himself as a kind but firm steward and became a confidant and friend of both Lord Hother and Rickard
After William finished fostering under Lord Hother he and Rickard decided to see the Wall before they have to become lords. Hother forbade Rickard from going as he is the sole heir to House Dustin and reports of wildling attacks around the wall were still being spread. William offered to help sneak Rickard out and run to Lord Stout for help. He declined initially but after his mother confronts him and tells him to “do what he feels he must do” he relents and the pair sneak out in the cover of darkness and ride for Goldgrass. There they tell their plans to Lord Stout who agrees to help the pair as he has seen them grow up and knows that this is something they feel they need to do. The pair are told of a traveling trader who is coming through Goldgrass and is making his way to Winterfell.
The pair meet up with the trader and agree to guard him and his goods in exchange for food and shelter. The first few days were uneventful and the pair began to relax their security when on the morning of the third day a group of four raiders attacked the group. The pair were outnumbered but are superior swordsman and Rickard manages to wound one raider and force a stalemate. The raiders declared that unless all the food was given that they would kill all of them. The trader fearing for his goods tried to kill the leader of the raiders but managed to get killed. In the scuffle Rickard and William each kill one raider leaving only the raiders leader and wounded raider alive. The raiders leaders offers his man’s life for any food they can spare, as he goes to take his man’s weapon the wounded raider pulls out a dagger and stabs his leader in the chest for his betrayal. The raiders are thrown to side of the road as a warning to others who might try and prey on traders. The two men bury the trader and offer their apologies for failing in their agreement.
Not wanting to leave the goods out for other raiders the pair agree to take the remaining goods and carriage to Winterfell and give them to the commoners. After finally reaching Winterfell the two distribute the goods from the cart and even the cart itself to locals in need and refuse any payment. Now in Winterfell the two still want to get to the Wall but see that they can offer their services in Winterfell and make some money to pay for transportation.
289- Born 291- William Stout born 297- First animal kill 300- Sent to foster under Lord Stout 302- Wins duel first time against Halys 304- Returns to Barrowton 305- Morgan appointed Steward 309- Arrival in Winterfell
Family Tree:
Hother Dustin (married Branda Stout) b.d. 270 age 39 Rickard Dustin b.d. 289 age 20
Beron Stout (married Sarra) b.d. 249 age 60 Branda Stout (married Hother Dustin) b.d. 271 age 38 Halys Stout (married Orenna) b.d. 274 age 35 William Stout b.d. 291 age 18
Supporting Characters:
Hother Dustin- (Father) A well respected warrior and head of House Dustin. He loves hunting, a lot more than ruling, but knows his position limits his freedoms. He loves his wife Branda ever since the two met on his nameday in Barrowton years ago. He would never set aside Branda and is confidant that the two of them raised Rickard right. He is friends with his father in-law and brother in-law and allows Rickard and William to pass between the two lands and foster where they wish. He trusts his son but does not trust the world and fears for his only child as the very future of House Dustin’s lays in his sons hand. Archetype: Huntsman
William Stout- (Cousin) William is second in line for Lord of Goldgrass and is close friends with Rickard Dustin. William is a trained swordsman but found more love in books. He is often found reading when not training with his father or cousin. He and Rickard wish to see the Wall because of tales wonder they heard as children and a desire to see if they both have what it takes to man the wall. They know that will have to return but until then are sticking to their plan. Archetype: Warrior (Sword)
Morgan Snow- (Steward) Born the bastard of an innkeeper and a maid Morgan has spent his whole life in the city. He wanted to help with his father’s business as he got older but was shunned by the family and Morgan decided to move on. He took up odd-jobs filling in where work was needed and grew reputation as a hard worker and knowledge from the various occupations. Never one to waste money Morgan is now steward of Barrowton and is helping to put the city into a new levels of prosperity and trade. Archetype: Steward
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2020.09.22 02:59 SirRainTheCloud SAW 6 when you were a kid?

I remmeber seeing William having to choose between two people yk the old lady and the loner dude , I always used to think it was his wife and his son I thought it was all sorts of fucked up , but being a kid I didnt know
Is there a little story you guys would like to share about how you perceived the franchise ? Or an experience?
(I get not everyone was young when they knew what SAW was)
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2020.09.21 22:11 TurquoiseLeaf Cripplehood CH5

This was posted to FF a few days ago. Apologies for the delay.
Link to CH 1: https://www.reddit.com/AzureLane/comments/fmpk15/fanfiction_cripplehood_prologue/
Link to CH 4:
He woke to screaming.
He wasn't sure when he had fallen asleep—he had been standing for inspection a moment ago—but his eyes flew open. He then immediately closed them against the inferno that was raging around him. Had the ship been burning? It didn't matter. It was now, and he was choking on the very real ash and soot. He both held his breath and panted in the heat of the flames.
The Arizona buckled beneath him. Planes that hadn't been there a moment ago now streaked overhead with their cannons strafing everything below them. Had a bomb hit? The ship had shuddered, but these planes were only firing cannons. Reality realized its mistake, and a bomb splashed into the water beside him. The near-miss covered him in saltwater and doused the flames around him for a moment. The fire surged back and crawled toward him, lapping at the water as if it were gasoline. Maybe it was. The saltwater along the deck then gained a rainbow-tinted shine as the flames swept atop it, the smell of car exhaust now burning in his nose.
He had to move.
He turned his body, but his sight stayed fixed. Just in front of him was a boy. No older than seventeen at best. He was unconscious. The flames were nearing him. His hand reached forward. The fire danced away and parted. He could do it.
His legs didn't feel like they were moving. The distance seemed to shrink away. He had already grabbed the boy. The distance opened back up. The edge of the ship stretched too far. He turned back to the boy. He had already been looking at him. He never turned away. He hadn't grabbed him yet. He needed to get him. He would be safe.
He blinked, and the world wrapped back around him. He gasped in the air that he couldn't feel enter his lungs, and yet it burned them with cinders all the same.
A low whistle forced his head skyward as a bomb materialized above him. The ship itself moved as he shifted away from it. The ship was not fast enough, and he felt the world turn upside down and roll. He stood static in the air as the ship itself seemed to spin before he was thrown back to the deck. The fire tickled at his skin, but his damp clothes refused to light as the rest of the gasoline had.
His hands were around the boy's arm.
He had forgotten that he had grabbed him, but the world had not. With him in his grip, he forced his legs to move toward the edge of the ship as saltwater-gasoline poured over its edge and down the freeboard. Once he reached the edge, he went back for the boy that he hadn't grabbed. He turned around and tried to pull him to the edge, the fires burning around them, trying to lick at the boy. His clothes were not doused in the saltwater-gasoline. They would light easily.
He kept picking the boy up and throwing him over the railing, but it grew just out of reach every time he tried. He couldn't lift the boy that he hadn't grabbed.
He tried to climb the railing himself but found that his shoes were stuck in the liquid pooled around his feet and on the deck. They only let him move back toward the boy. The boy that he had grabbed.
The faster he pulled him to safety, the faster the flames closed in. Now, in the open of the deck, the vultures that circled above could see their doomed prey. One saw its meal, the boy that he was saving. He did not see the plane.
He did not see the plane.
He did not see the plane.
He did not see the plane.
A light touch on his arm jolted him awake. His mind was still in that place, on that morning. Arms and legs that had earlier refused him finally listened, and they moved as fast as they could. No longer on the ship, all it did was throw him off the bench he was asleep on and onto the ground.
"Who're, what, huh?" he mumbled, not yet awake.
Groggy and dazed, he looked up and saw his wife, Diana. Still in that blue dress that he had bought her their first Christmas in Norfolk.
Wait, no, his wife was a brunette.
He blinked, and his eyes readjusted to the midday sun. It revealed instead a young woman that he had never seen before; her hair blonde, not brunette.
The woman raised an eyebrow and pursed her lips before speaking in an English accent. "Um, hello, sir. The bus is here. You were waiting for it, were you not?"
The bus?
He blinked twice at the woman before turning his head and seeing the large, unpainted bus idling rhythmically near him.
I made it to the bus stop last night? Good job, me. Maybe I can work off the rest of this hangover before I get back to Pearl, then.
He groaned, picking up his hat and quickly jumping aboard the awaiting bus. He gave the driver a nod and collapsed into the seat behind him. Throwing his hat back onto his head, he idly rubbed and twisted the plain, silver band on his left hand. He no longer needed to wear it, but it helped him sort his thoughts.
As his mind cleared, he began working through what he needed to do today. Or rather, what was left of today.
Waking up past noon used to be wonderful a few years ago. Now, I just feel like I need a cup of joe and a nap. What did I need to get done today, anyway... Shit. I was supposed to meet with Admiral Halsey at twelve-hundred, wasn't I? Hopefully, he'll also be running late. Please. I don't want to be on the receiving end of one of the Bull's chew outs.
He felt the engine rumble underneath him as the bus pulled away from the stop. It shuddered as it got underway, and he let the vibrations roll up his back, feeling thankfully pleasant to his hungover body.
I'm going to need to drink enough to feed a horse by the time I get back to my house. Drink, shower, iron uniform, then run to Halsey and beg for forgiveness where he then graciously accepts it like a modern Saint. That sounds like a good plan. I especially like the part where Halsey doesn't chew me out. It isn't Sunday, right? No, yesterday was Thursday. That means I don't have to add 'missing Church' onto my list of fuck ups today. I promised Father Menard that I would help with communion, too. I haven't written that down, so I'll need to put it on my calendar to make sure I don't forget to get there early.
Finished and satisfied that he hadn't missed anything on his mental checklist, he laid his head back against the seat and waited for the silver line bus to stop at Pearl. He'd taken this route several times during his tenure at Hawaii and was familiar with the lazy turns and stops of the bus. When he had felt the bus take the last right turn before Pearl, he ran his hands down his face and rubbed his eyes aggressively. Stars appeared in his vision when he opened his eyes, but they quickly faded. Repositioning his hat properly atop his head, he stood up and gripped the seat for balance as the bus slowed before the stop. The moment the doors opened, he was off, only giving Don, the driver, a brief nod in farewell. Don didn't try to talk to him. He liked Don.
As much as some cool, sea breeze and time tended to fix a hangover, he could still feel a bit of a shuffle and slide in his step that he would've customarily deemed unacceptable in one of his men, but he gave himself a pass.
Being promoted three times in one meeting was a helluva thing.
Stumbling past the checkpoint and the gate guard, Phillip, he was waved through without any trouble. It was a little something he had learned well at Annapolis: always make friends with the people on security detail. It was shocking at what contraband an enterprising young cadet could smuggle into the Academy with friends in security.
Like girls, for example. Or booze.
As he walked further into the base, he heard Phillip giving the blonde woman from earlier that had woken him up a hard time at the gate.
I could probably help her, but I'm already late. Sorry, Blondie, I have my own things to do.
He made the rest of the walk to his home on base in silence, content in listening and watching the rest of the base function and trying to pull itself back together. He was pulled from his musing just before the turn to his house by a gruff voice.
"Rear Admiral Jack Bell."
He was caught paralyzed mid-step as he heard the clacking of dress shoes against concrete close in on him.
This is the last man I want to see.
"Admiral Halsey, sir. Just the man I wanted to see." He turned with a put-upon smile.
Halsey waved his hand flippantly as he passed Jack. "At ease. You've got a star now. Act like it."
Jack had to follow quickly after the other Admiral, Halsey's long strides outpacing his own. Halsey didn't speak for a few minutes and left Jack to squirm in his presence as he led them back toward the main offices. The silence was finally broken after Halsey smirked at the shorter man next to him.
"Have a good night, Jack?"
"I- excuse me, sir?"
"You look like you slept on a bench, and you stink of booze."
Jack could feel his face heat up at how spot-on Halsey's joke was from reality.
"No, sir. Just fell asleep at my desk after a few too many and haven't the time to present myself. I was on my way back from breakfast to clean my uniform and wash up when you pulled me aside."
Halsey clapped his shoulder as they entered the offices. "Sure, you were. Now, shut up until we get to my office, would you?"
He nodded in response and opened the door to the main offices for the older man. As they walked side by side down the long corridors, he found himself walking in step with Halsey. He was a Rear Admiral himself now, but the sheer authority of the man next to him forced his cadence to march in step, following unspoken orders as if he were an Ensign fresh from Annapolis. The door to Halsey's office was closed, but the MP standing at attention outside of it gave a sharp salute before opening the door for the two admirals. The MP closed the door behind them, too, as soon as they were both inside.
Jack raised an eyebrow and tilted his head to the door. "What's with the nine yards?"
Halsey grunted and threw himself down onto the black leather armchair behind his dark wood desk.
Probably mahogany, Jack thought absently.
"Guards are at all the offices that have sensitive information in them, now. Just a new precaution until we get ourselves together and figure out what is going on. Now, take a seat while I dig for the envelope I wanted to give you."
Seating himself in the wooden chair across from the desk reminded him once again of his time at Annapolis. He wasn't the largest nor tallest man, but the short-legged wooden chair made him feel small. He closed his eyes for half a second and breathed out slowly. Looking around the room, he took care to make sure that it was his eyes that wandered and not his head. The rest of the room was spartan. At least, the parts that he could see in front of him, around Halsey. Reams of paper were stacked in tall towers on the right edge of the desk, and a small model of an American standard battleship was sat beside his nameplate: William F. Halsey, Admiral. The man didn't look up from the stack of envelopes he was shifting through when he addressed Bell.
"Do you know why you were chosen for such rapid promotions, Bell?"
He sat ramrod straight in his chair. "No, sir, but judging by the question, I assume you're going to tell me."
Halsey was silent for several moments until it appeared that he had found the envelope that he was searching for and looked up at Jack while placing the rest of the excess envelopes off to the side. "Let me clear the air before we really get into this." The older man leaned forward and rested his forearms on the desk. "I don't like this, Bell. I don't like any of this hair-brained scheme that those eggheads in R&D made up. I don't like the Azure Project; I don't like that we had to promote a Lieutenant Commander up to Rear Admiral, and I don't like you."
Jack hoped that his poker face was holding. "May I ask as to why, sir?"
"You don't have enough experience. You're only twenty-eight. You're young even for a Lieutenant Commander, let alone Rear Admiral. I won't give you any misconceptions. The only reason that you were promoted so rapidly was because of politics. King and Fletcher wouldn't stand for a breach in tradition and allow someone so low in rank to command a fleet or even a task force." Halsey huffed and pushed off the table into his chair. "I wanted to promote Captain Keyes, but he was killed in the initial attack. The other option on the table was Commander Reynolds, and he was being vouched for by Kimmel himself, but his public disgracing and demotion after the attack dragged anyone associated with him down. Admiral Kidd- God rest his soul- was the one who vouched for you, and you're also the last of the three options we had available. Don't feel too honored."
After a surprised few moments of hanging silence, Jack cut in. "But Commander Reynolds is still only a Commander, though. Why the want for younger officers? He would be almost as inexperienced as I am."
Halsey's eyes crinkled. "Clever boy. The reason is twofold." He held up one finger. "The first is that the main naval arm needs all of our senior officers. We can't be wasting any on this new initiative without proof that it can bring actual results. Follow, Bell?"
Jack looked him in the eyes as he nodded.
"The second," he held up another finger, "is that the old guard will have too hard a time trying to learn all of this new nonsense. We can't waste time getting our sea legs on this one. We need it to work, and we need it to work now. The rest of the admiralty believed that someone younger would be better suited for this. Better able to roll with the punches, as the saying goes."
For the first time since Halsey began speaking, Jack looked away from him. "So, I'm what? A guinea pig?"
Halsey smiled mockingly. "Think of it more like being an early adopter. Trust me. You don't want to be a guinea pig when war breaks out. A guinea pig has tests run on it. You'll be the one running the tests on these…" Halsey paused. "I hesitate to use the word girls. These things."
Jack could understand Halsey not liking him. He could understand his promotion being a political appointment. However, for the first time this meeting, he was genuinely at a loss. "These girls, sir? I thought I'd be in charge of a fleet."
Halsey nodded. "You will be."
Jack had to put down the flash of anger and still not scowl at his superior. "If I'm to be in charge of a fleet, sir, then why the talk of women?"
"Because you'll be in charge of them." He smiled at Jack's cracking poker face. "Tell me, Bell, what do you know about the women we keep on base?"
"You mean the nurses?" Jack rubbed at the ring on his finger. " I can't say I've thought much about them. They're good to have on hand, I suppose."
Halsey shook his head. "Not the nurses, Bell." Jack saw him glance down at his hands. "Though I can't fault you for not looking at them too much or giving 'em much mind."
He rolled his black leather chair away from his desk. Jack heard a drawer open, and Halsey brought out a small bottle of what looked like whiskey. "I don't trust a fighting man who doesn't drink, and trust me, you're going to want something in you for this."
Jack cringed internally, his fading hangover still hovering over him. "I'll never say no to some good whiskey."
His reply was only a nicety, apparently, as Halsey had already poured him a glass of the alcohol. "It's Tennessee whiskey. Bourbon. Good stuff. Take a moment and appreciate it." Halsey held it up and took a sip. "The wife got it for me as a gift when this all began to go down. Said it was nature's painkiller. Didn't have the heart to tell her alcohol is manmade," he laughed.
Jack laughed politely at what he assumed was supposed to be a joke. "Sweet of her to care, and try to help how she could."
Halsey stared at his glass and smiled. "True, true." He placed the glass down in front of him. "Take as long as you need to nurse that drink, but we need to get back to business. I'll ask again. What do you know about the girls on base? The ones that aren't nurses."
What do I know about them? They're good for morale? Good for posters? I've never really seen them do anything.
Jack shrugged. "Not too much. They're good for photographs? Good for morale?"
Halsey narrowed his eyes. "Be more certain in your speech. You're allowed to guess, and you can even say as such, but you have to sound certain. Uncertainty causes doubt, and doubt breeds hesitation. Say what you know again."
As he thought of how to reword his statement, Halsey cut in. "Good. You're thinking about it. Your mouth's first words are far less intelligent than your head's. Again."
He nodded. "I don't know much. I know that they can be good for photography and most likely raise the morale of the sailors on base."
Halsey gave a curt nod. "A passable answer." He leaned forward and rested his arms on his desk once again. "What is to be discussed here is not to leave this room. Understand, Commander Bell?"
Memories of the Academy once again filled him, and Bell didn't think his back could get straighter than ramrod, but he felt himself tense. "Sir, yes, sir."
The older man stared through him as Jack held his eyes steady. After a silent second that seemed to stretch on for far too long, Halsey slowly began to nod. "Good. Good. I figure this may as well be like a band-aid. The short is that we tried to play God."
Jack blinked and waited for the punchline. It didn't come.
"Excuse me, sir, I think that I misheard you. It sounded as if you claimed that the Admiralty 'played God'."
Halsey seemed to age before him. Years piled on in an instant, and he let out a long, shuddering sigh. "You heard correctly, Bell. Those girls you see on base? They weren't born by the Grace of God. They were built by men."
Jack stared slack-jawed.
Then, he burst into laughter.
"Oh, oh, that was where the punchline was," Jack managed to wheeze between fits of laughter, "I was worried that you were serious for a moment. Building people? Playing God? I didn't think you could make jokes like that."
Jack's laughter slowly died down as Halsey's face remained disturbingly neutral. It wasn't the face of someone who just told a joke.
It was the face of a man who truly believed he was going to Hell.
"Lord above, you're serious..."
The older man rubbed a hand over his rough stubble. "When the Great War ended, and the Germans capitulated, we raided their archives. Buried in the naval research buildings were crates upon crates of these shining little cubes. Small enough to fit several in your hand. The records that were recovered alongside them claimed that they had been found by the Ottomans in the Dead Sea and were kept by the Sultan. When they made their alliance with the IronBlood, the Sultan gave them to the Kaiser as a gift."
Halsey paused to take a sip of his drink. "Drove him mad. The records showed that he kept ordering more and more ships from the dockyards in an attempt to make the cubes work. How he figured out that the cubes were meant for ships wasn't mentioned in the records. After the Kaiser lost and we took possession of the cubes, Project Azure- named such because of the color of these cubes- was started by the League of Nations. Despite not being a member state of the League, we also had a minor role, ostensibly to make sure the Washington Naval Treaty was being honored. Eventually, the project broke down, and everyone took what research they had back to their home countries. That failed project is what you'll be bringing back."
Jack stared at him before taking his face in his hands and massaging his temples. "Okay, okay. Let's say that these cube things are real and that the German Kaiser had a big ole' stash of 'em. What did the original project do, and what does it have to do with playing God and the women on base?"
Instead of answering his questions, Halsey rolled his chair back, and it sounded like he opened one of the drawers in his desk. Reaching inside, he pulled out a little, iridescent, blue cube.
"This," he said, "is one of those cubes. Go on. Take it."
Placing his glass on the desk next to the model of the battleship, Jack tentatively reached for the little cube. It was small enough that he could take it from Halsey with just his thumb and forefinger. It felt almost weightless; gravity seemed not to affect it as he moved it up and down experimentally. That wasn't what truly took his attention, though.
It was the lights.
No matter which way he held it, the little blue cube had a halo of radiating gold and silver light. The lights within lazily flowed in unseen paths of rainbow hues that all flowed into the center, which glowed a soft, warm white. The more he stared at it, the more his hand began to tremble. Even while he spoke, his eyes stayed fixed on the cube.
"What the fuck is this?"
"The technical answer? Not a damn clue. The practical answer? A cheat-sheet for creating life."
A flash of anger came over him once again. "You keep saying that, sir, now explain it."
Halsey narrowed his eyes. "Do not forget that I am still your direct superior officer, Rear Admiral Bell."
Jack bit his tongue to stop the immediate retort. "May we bring this meeting to the topic that I was originally called for, then?"
"I may forgive such a slight, Bell, but know that other senior officers won't be so understanding of a breach in decorum. Watch yourself." Halsey knocked back the rest of the whiskey in his glass before continuing. "Since you're oh so eager to learn, then I will be frank. The cubes give us a way to create life. The eggheads figured out that when presented to a ship with enough renown and a solid enough collective consciousness of how the crew thought of the ship, the cubes could manifest as a woman. A woman that was the embodiment of the ship and was as intertwined to it as you and me are to our skin. They can feel what is happening on their ship, conjure a rigging of ship parts around themselves out of thin air, and in some instances, it was shown that they could command their ship all on their own. That is what those cubes can do, and that is the kind of fleet that you will be commanding."
Jack blinked several times. He was simply staring through the wooden desk. He quickly followed in Halsey's footsteps and knocked back what was left of his glass, too. "So, you're telling me that I will be in charge of a fleet of ships that are also women, that are also able to summon ships parts like magic, and are also able to command the ship that they represent by themselves?"
Halsey nodded. "Got it in one, Bell. There is more, but I'll let the dossier that I've prepared for you in that envelope explain the rest. Before I dismiss you, however, care to listen to the parting words of an old man?"
"I don't think that was a real question if I'm honest."
Halsey snorted. "Good catch, lad. I'll give you some advice for free. They're not human, Bell. They may look like women, talk like women, complain and bitch like women, but they are not women. You can't keep that kind of thinking when you watch them throw a five-inch shell between each other like a baseball."
Jack felt his mouth hang open. "A five-inch shell?"
"Yes. A five-inch shell. Tossed like you can throw a baseball. They're not human. They're probably not even people. They're made from ships made only for war. I don't know about you, but if I had a human-like version of my Colt, I wouldn't want to ask it about philosophy. We can ask whether or not these things are people after the war ends, but as of now, they need to be weapons. As such, just like how you oil a gun to keep it working, do your best to make sure that they function at their best. Do whatever you need to keep them functioning. Smile. Give them a treat. Be a good commanding officer that they will not hesitate to obey." Halsey paused. "You're dismissed."
Jack barely processed the words before standing and giving a sharp salute like he had been taught in Annapolis. "Sir."
He turned on his heel and carried the thick envelope he'd been given under his arm. As eager as he was to read it, he desperately needed a hot shower, food, and coffee.
He rolled the cube in his jacket pocket between his fingers, and everything that had been discussed became terrifyingly real in his mind.
He would need a lot of coffee.
Review as always. It really does mean a lot to read what you guys think. Hope you guys enjoyed a change of perspective from our favorite smart ass battlecruiser.
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2020.09.21 22:06 afty Weekly Spotlight 09/21/20: Second Class Passenger Elizabeth Nye

Ticket Number: 29395
Mrs Elizabeth Nye was born in Folkestone, Kent, England on May 27, 1882.
She was the third of seven and eldest surviving child of Thomas Ingram Ramell (1854-1915) and Elizabeth Ann Griffiths (1854-1947); her father was born in Lambeth, London and had come to Folkestone in the early 1870s where he began a career as a coach painter and also served as a Salvation Army bandsman. He married local girl Elizabeth Griffiths in 1877.
Elizabeth's siblings were: Frederick Thomas Ingram (1878-1879), Amy Elizabeth (1879-1881), Edith Amy (born 1885), Beatrice May (born 1888), Florence Alma (born 1891) and Winifred Rose (born 1894).
The year prior to Elizabeth's birth her parents and sister Amy were recorded on the 1881 census residing at 6 Folly Cottages, Folkestone. By the time of the 1891 census 8-year-old schoolgirl Elizabeth was living with her family at 42 St John's Street in the same town. At the same address by the time of the following census in 1901, 18-year-old Elizabeth was by then a dressmaker.
Elizabeth went on to have a series of misfortunes; an attack of appendicitis nearly ended her young life and then, her first sweetheart, an unidentified man, was killed when he was washed off the Folkestone Harbour Pier and drowned. She was married on December 26, 1904 to Edward Ernest Nye (born 1880), a railway labourer originally from the village of Stone in Oxney, near Folkestone; he was the son of shepherd William Dunsler Nye and his wife Ann Luckhurst. Edward and Elizabeth's only child, Maisie Elizabeth, was born in early 1906 but died after less than a year of life.
Elizabeth and Edward later left Britain and settled in New York around 1907; they appeared on the 1910 census as boarders at 62 Perry Street, Manhattan and Edward was described as a janitor and Elizabeth still as a dressmaker. She worked in the uniform department of New York's Salvation Army.
Edward Nye, who by then worked as a night watchman, died aged 30 on May 22, 1911; he was buried in Kensico Cemetery. The young widow Elizabeth returned to her family in England to mourn, the family home then being 64 Dover Road, Folkestone.
"Her life has been full of sad and trying experiences. Her first sweetheart was washed off the [Folkestone] Harbour Pier and drowned. She married a few years later, but had the misfortune to lose her two children [sic] by death, and also her husband." - The Folkestone Herald, 4 May 1912
For her return to New York Elizabeth had originally been scheduled to travel aboard Philadelphia but the ongoing coal strike altered those arrangements and her passage was changed instead to Titanic's maiden voyage. She boarded the ship at Southampton on 10 April 1912 (ticket number 29395 whch cost £10, 10s) and shared a cabin (F33) with three other English women, Amelia Lemore, Amelia Brown, and Selina Cook.
Mrs Nye recounted the events of 14/15 April in a letter to her parents which was reprinted in the Folkestone Herald on 4 May 1912:
"We were all in bed on Sunday night at about 11.30, when we felt an awful jerk, and the boat grazed something along its side, and the sea seemed to splash right over the deck. The men in the next cabin slipped on their coats and ran up to see what it was, and came and told us the ship had run into an iceberg nearly as large as herself. ''Most of the people went back to bed again, but then came an order 'get up and put something warm on, put on a lifebelt and come on deck.' So I got one underskirt on and a skirt, and stockings, and shoes and coat, and ran up to find a lifebelt, because there were only three in our berth for four of us. A boy from the next cabin stole one from ours, but he went down with it poor boy. We did not have time to go back to our cabins again to get anything, and we did not dream it was serious. I thought I should get back to get more clothes on and get a few other things, but we were put into the lifeboats, and pushed off at once."
Mrs Nye escaped in lifeboat 11 and spoke of the scene once the boat had been lowered:
"When we got away from the ship we could understand the hurry and the order to get half a mile away as soon as possible. For the Titanic was half in the water. We watched the port holes go under until half the ship, only the back half, stuck up. Then the lights went out, and the boilers burst and blew up. There was a sickening roar like hundreds of lions, and we heard no more but THE MOANING AND SHOUTING for help from the hundreds of men and a few women who went down with her. There were not enough boats for so many people."
She went on to describe the lack of provisions in the lifeboat and crewmen burning ropes to attract other boats; she attributed the safety of the survivors to the clear night and calm sea and, of course, the arrival of Carpathia:
"They lowered bags for the babies to pull them up, and we sat on a kind of swing and were drawn up by a rope to safety. They have been most kind to us. Led us one by one to the dining room, and gave us brandy. I drank half a glass of brandy down without water. We were all perished, and it put life into us. The ship is, of course, filled with its own passengers, But they found places for us all to sleep, but none of us slept well after going through such A HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE This ship stood right over the place where the Titanic went down, and picked us up."
Mrs Nye recalled the heartbreaking scenes of dozens of widows aboard the rescue ship:
"We are told that the SS Baltic picked up about fifty men, and the poor women here are hoping their husbands are among the fifty. It is supposed there are 160 more widows through this wreck, and most of them have children. It was so heart breaking to see and hear them crying for their husbands. We were all gathered together, and our names taken for the newspapers. Of course, they cannot tell how many are dead, but we have on this ship only two hundred crew out of 910 and 500 passengers out of 2,000. I am amongst the fortunate, for God has spared my life when I was so near death again. I have lost everything I had on board. The only thing I saved was my watch Dad gave me eleven years ago. But all my treasures and clothes and some money have gone. I have only the scanty clothes that I stand up in, including my big coat, which has been a blessing."
Elizabeth was met in New York by members of the Salvation Army who took care of her and fellow Salvationist Rhoda Abbott; the latter was reportedly travelling in uniform and was hospitalised for the effects of her exposure. Elizabeth was also affected by exposure, requiring an operation, and she was later awarded $200 by the American Red Cross.
Case number 343. (English). Widow, suffered from exposure, which later necessitated an operation. ($200).
Elizabeth remained in New York and was remarried to Englishman George Darby (born September 23, 1883), a native of Cannock, Staffordshire and a fellow Salvationist. Together they had a son, George Ray, who was born on March 30, 1915.
In a letter to Walter Lord, collecting survivor accounts for 'A Night to Remember', she described her experience thusly:
"I remember every moment of that night, very well, my name was then Elizabeth Nye, was travelling alone, returning to New York from a visit to my home and family in Folkestone England. On account of a coal strike, when in England I was transferred from another ship to the Titanic, which would have to sail on her maiden voyage to New York on April 10th. I was placed very comfortably in a second class cabin with three other young women, "one of whom I am still in touch with." On Sunday the 14th it became very cold, we could not stay out on deck, so we all came together in the dining room, for a hymn sing, finished up by singing "O hear us when we cry to thee, for those in peril on the sea," little dreaming of your own peril soon to be. We four were settled for the night by 11 PM and about 40 minutes later, I heard a loud scraping noise, the great ship shivered and stopped. We had been going 28 knots an hour, the sudden silence seemed strange and yet the impact was so slight the three girls slept through it.
Men were running by our door [.] I got up, put on a skirt and coat and slippers, went to the deck, in time to see the iceberg glide slowly by, a great white mountain. the stewards shouted "There is nothing to worry about, this ship could not possibly sink, she is a lifeboat in herself, but we must go to the boats and get off to lighten the ship so that the water tight doors could be closed. The ship began to tilt and people looked worried and afraid. Then came the order "man the lifeboats" "women and children first" neither the boatmen or passengers had had any boat drill, and yet there was no panic, we took our time. I was told to go to my cabin and put on my lifebelt, there was one for every person aboard, but only 20 lifeboats each built for 65 persons. I met my roommates on the stairs, they had been called up and the door locked behind them, it was no use to go down so I lost all my belongings. I found my stewardess, she fastened a belt on me and I put one on her, we went to the deck together, she never got off. I went to the side where the last boat was being lowered. I stood there looking at the crowds of men huddled together, a silent crowd, while the ships orchestra of ten young men were standing knee deep in water playing a tune called Autumn, the words are; God of mercy and compassion, look with pity on my pain, hold me up in mighty waters, keep my eyes on things above, peace and everlasting love. Nearer my God To Thee." Someone called out, "Here is another woman" and I was pushed into the boat. Blankets were thrown in after me, for we had four babies without their mothers, "they were reunited on the rescue ship" [.]
We watched the ships portholes slowly disappearing and the S.O.S. rockets shooting upwards, until one end of the ship dipped into the sea. Nobody could stand on deck, hundreds jumped or fell then we heard the terrible cry for the boats to come back and pick them up, their lifebelts kept them up until death came by freezing, more than 1500 perished, plenty of time, but no boats only 20 for 2200 people and some were overturned with women and children, no men to pull the oars. The sky was alight with stars, but the sea looked like black ink, I don't remember being afraid, but I thought what a horrible way to die, in that black icy water. We see the lights of the Carpathia at about 4am and it took us two hours to get to her, we had drifted so far away, she was waiting for us at the spot where the Titanic went down."
The family made their home in the Bronx, appearing on the 1920 through 1940 census records as residents of 2706 Heath Avenue in that borough and Elizabeth and George continued to serve with the Salvation Army, she attaining the rank of Colonel. In May 1920 Elizabeth returned home to visit her family, sailing board the Lapland and made at least one more trip back to Britain. Her 1920 passport described her as standing at 5' 9½", with dark brown hair, hazel eyes and with a medium-fair complexion, a plump face and with a high and broad forehead.
Elizabeth died in Asbury Park, Monmouth, New Jersey on November 22, 1963 aged 81 and was buried in Kensico Cemetery, Westchester, New York. Her husband George outlived her by five years and died May 7, 1968. Their son George died in Bergen, New Jersey on November 7, 1979.
Primary Source: Encyclopedia Titanica
Secondary Source: Paul Lee's Website
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2020.09.21 08:25 rphk Some super newb basics

I’ve played about 50 hours. If you’re a total beginner and you haven’t even played CK2 but are intrigued by the promise of CK3, like me, here are some of my really early learnings. (Some of which might be wrong.)
First, you need a good council. When you start and are on pause, click on Court (on the right) and see if any talented people are visiting your court. (Talented people are people with high trait scores.) Invite talented people to join your court as courtiers. Courtiers become candidates to join your Council.
Then go to Council. Look at your council members and their relevant skill levels. If a councillor’s skill level is low (<10) for their assigned task, click the icon that looks like “reload” to see who else is available to do that job. Try to wind up with the best possible council with the constraint that you want to try not to fire too many important vassals. If someone is an idiot but is also an important Earl who provides a lot of your soldiers and money, you might have to tolerate their idiocy for now. In any case, try to optimize your council. Your council are basically the ministers of your government. If they’re good, you’ll get higher tax yields, etc.
Third, shape up your marriages and alliances. You and your kids — whoever is single (no matter how young they are) — are the keys to alliances. This is not a Emersonian self reliance game. Alliances are key. Without them, you will quickly wind up with 300 soldiers on your side and 2,000 soldiers invading. So betrothed yourself and your kids off to William of Normandy or whatever powerful nearby leader who can help you. However, if you don’t have much prestige and basically you don’t have important alliance opportunities, you may want to hold off on betrothals for a few years in case you can increase your prestige and get better allies.
Fourth, if you already have kids, make sure they get educated. Your kids can be educated by anyone in your court including yourself or your wife. They will take on traits of the person who educates them. Also, the person you choose to educate them will like you more. So ... as you get kids, make sure you select them and select Educate Children and have them educated by someone talented at court. Usually, I have them educated by the smartest person but occasionally, I have used this to get people, particularly bishops, to like me better.
Fifth, when you aren’t at war, you disband your armies. This is very different from Total War or Civilization. In fact, if you are thinking about going to war, the first thing you do is to fire all your soldiers (Disband all Armies). I went through many hours where I couldn’t figure out why I could t attack anyone. Basically, if you have already raised your armies, it will not allow you to declare war. That’s ridiculous, I know, but that’s the way it is. In this game, you declare war and THEN raise your army. This is ridiculous and unrealistic and must be changed but that’s the way it is. The good news is that it doesn’t matter much. Armies raise pretty quickly.
Sixth, when you raise an army, they appear wherever the RED FLAG is in your territory. Around that red flag, you will be able to click on what looks like an army and see how many soldiers you have and who the commander is. You right click to tell them where to go. Here’s the thing. As things evolve, there may be situations where there will be a ton of armies on the map with a million different flags. Confusing. It can be hard to find your army. This is a serious game defect vs Total War or Civ. Ok. There is something on the upper right side that shows the pinned items and your armies will always be listed there. If you double click on your army in the pinned items list, it will take you to the army.
Seventh. Early on, there may be situations where you have like 300 soldiers and your neighbor William the Conqueror asks you to help him out defending England. Good to do, but be very careful. You can easily show up in England and get hit quickly by a 2,000 strong force of norsemen. In that situation, try to hide behind your friend’s large armies. Just remember. When you only have 300 guys, your margin for error is low.
Eighth. Unfortunately, you have to invest in the development of your counties. They need harbors and barracks and so on. If you have accumulated some funds, remember to go around your regions and build buildings.
That’s all I got for now!
submitted by rphk to crusaderkings3 [link] [comments]

2020.09.21 06:45 -FernFeather- Full Mad Eye Lore including scientific and historical analysis.

I worked really hard on research, compiling all this information, and analyzing it and I would REALLY appreciate if you would check out my YouTube where I do a full video analysis of it, I'm not trying to advertise or anything but if you support this work and you want to see more (and I'm currently working on acrobat's lore analysis as we speak) then showing that support to me on my YT (channel name is FernFeather) would honestly mean the world. But of course as always it's up to you.


Mad eyes
Mad eyes introduction: Burke is the eldest son of a construction worker who grew up playing amongst designs, various machines, and tools. By the time he was 20, he had already acquired local fame for his skills. Hired by a married couple, Burke arrived at Oletus Manor when it was still desolate, rundown and was responsible for most of the architectural designs. As per the wishes of his employer, he led his team of workers and expanded Oletus Manor. In his own time, he added his own touch to the manor, his devices, turning the manor into Burke's secret laboratory. It is said that even up until that unfortunate incident this crazy architect was still planning the addition of new devices.

This analysis will include: a dissection of Burke's deductions in history, a brief history of the development of prostheses, revisiting the abandoned setting of the manor, whiskey and pressure gauges.
Burke's design is mechanical, and slightly reminiscent of steampunk. Despite how unrealistic and stylized his design may appear to be, it actually holds some significant footing in reality. I'll discuss it in points
  1. His prosthesis -
Burke's right hand and left leg have both been replaced with mechanical parts - More commonly referred to as a prosthesis. It's never explained how he lost these limbs - we do however know that the area where he lives has poachers and dangerous traps so it's possible one of these could have contributed to it, but since it's never stated it's also possible he could have purposefully chosen to replace them as he aged. Regardless as to why his prosthetics appear to be fairly rudimentary. Currently there exists certain prosthetics which can sense electrical impulses in the remaining muscles around it and based off of where the impulse is it can move the prosthetic in a certain way. Considering this technology is fairly recent to the current day Burke's prosthesis is most likely a body powered device which relies on the coordinated movements of the user’s own residual and healthy limbs to drive. To be fair the movement of his fingers do appear to be far more coordinated than a body power device would allow but considering he is a mechanical genius I think we can suspend our disbelief a little. In fact most historical prostheses used residual limbs and specific movements to operate most efficiently.
Also, if you look closely, you can see that Burk’s prosthesis has rubber bumpers.
The Civil War may have helped spawn the first major explosion of the United States’ prosthetic device industry. About 70 percent of all wounds sustained by Civil War soldiers affected their limbs which often resulted in amputation. The ghastly nature of the condition of many soldiers returning from conflict led to the federal government taking action in the form of its “Great Civil War Benefaction” program. This little-remembered project made a commitment on behalf of the government to provide prosthetic devices to every Civil War soldier who needed one. As such there were numerous manufacturers building devices on government contracts and the need for these synthetic limbs helps spurred innovation. Beginning in 1863, rubber began to find use along with, or instead of, wood and metal, providing a more natural appearance, better resiliency and more flexibility.
The introduction of rubber in leg prosthetic sockets grew in popularity thanks to New York inventor Dubois Parmelee in 1863. His socket attached to the residual limb using atmospheric pressure, and india rubber was used to comfortably adjust to a patient’s residual limb
Therefore, the time point when Burk replaced his prosthesis was most likely around late 1860s. I specify "replaced" because in his deductions when we first meet him it's most likely around the early 1800s so he either had a different form of prosthesis or was in full fit condition.
  1. His console -
Now that I've harped about his prosthetic let's shift our focus to some other identifying aspects. The "keyboard" used to enter data onto his consoles appears to be altered form of a typewriter. Between 1801 and 1808, Italian Pellegrino Turri invented the first typewriter for his blind friend. Later this typewriter was lost, so it is impossible to know its shape and structure today. The first machine known as the typewriter was patented on 23rd June 1868, by printer and journalist Christopher Latham.
  1. Pressure gauge -
The pressure gauge on the Barker weapon belongs to the Bourdon tube pressure gauge, which is the earliest and most commonly used mechanical pressure measuring instrument. French engineer Eugene Bourdon first invented the Bourdon gauge in 1849. The device enabled accurate measurement of much higher pressures than existing measurement devices. Bourdon designed the device for steam locomotive engines in the late 1840s because of the increasing number of horrific accidents involving very high-pressure steam locomotive engines. The accident rate and number of deaths from steam engine explosions dropped significantly within a couple of years of the introduction of the Bourdon gauge.
Bark’s pressure gauge is probably used to directly measure the steam inside his weapon, to prevent it from bursting suddenly. But why does his weapon need to have pressure in the first place? if he's able to control when steam is released, then the force of the steam exiting the weapon would help to increase the speed and force of his attack. You have to remember he has cute little toothpick arms, and a prosthesis doesn't really provide you much grip, so these alterations to his weapon can give him an advantage. Additionally steam is hot, at atmospheric pressure liquid water transitions to steam 212°F (that's 100°C), according to The burn foundation, just one second at 156° F (69°C) can cause third degree burns. Researchers in Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) found the epidermis (the outer layer of skin), cannot properly perform its protective function against water vapour as high temperature vapor easily penetrates to the second layer of skin easily causing second degree burns.
however under the pressure within Burke's weapon the damage caused gets even worse. It takes about 16.67 bar to crush an egg as seen in this experiment (17 kg converts to 16.67 bar)
According to valves online temperature steam reference, assuming this measly pressure alone could increase the temperature of the steam up to 204°C or about 400°F, to put this in perspective frying grease is often between 300 and 500°F interested by the American burn association can cause serious degree burns in less than one second. I know people despise getting hit by Mad eye walls but considering the alternative it might be the less painful option.
Temp steam ref:
Approximate time and temperatures in relation to burns:
Scolding injuries:
  1. Burke's alcohol -
The most common orange-yellow liquor in the UK is whiskey, and because the grain law was abolished at that time, the price of various brewing materials was lowered, and the liquor was cheaper than before.
One of the sources I looked into while researching suggested that Burke may have created his one bottle himself due to the fact that before the 17th century the shapes of wine bottles were mostly blowing by independent craftsmen and after not many wineries created them until much later. But my research into the topic makes me think that the dates simply don't line up. The 1600s was far earlier than when this story takes place, I find it more likely that his bottle could be a gin case bottle: Case gin bottles are square with a more or less distinct taper inwards from the shoulder to the base. This design closely aligns with that of Burke's bottle, in the color of gin it said to have a slightly yellow tint, but in the promotional art for mad eyes we could see that his bottle contains a vividly orange liquid. Could be a decorative flask which would mean that Burke made it or had a friend do so, The only thing which makes me reluctant on this possibility is that most decorative flasks have designs on them, but Burke's appears rather basic. considering that the time frame for the bottle fits that of the case gin bottles it wouldn't be too far of a stretch too assume that this was the bottle he used and he simply filled it with a different liquid. After all his character day notes say that one of his favorite things is vodka which definitely doesn't fit the description of what would be in the bottle.
Whatever he's drinking and regardless of how many alcoholic problems he had he's precious.
  1. What is a "Burke"? -
The surname Burke is derived from the Old English word "burh," which is derived from the Old German word "burg," the common Germanic word for a fortification. It seems likely that the first family to bear this surname would have lived in or near a prehistoric fort situated on a hill.
This name is rather apt considering who Burke is. In a literal sense He's able to construct walls to keep out people he deems as intruders. But on a deeper level he's built a fortification around himself.
  1. Snazzy Accessories -
While this isn’t directly related to his design some of his accessories reveal to us more about his character
Good Old Times -
“A watering can that Burke discovered while tidying up the laboratory. It was full of flowers and plants which reminded him of days gone by.”
Violin -
“His right hand may not be fully functional and his violin may have been slightly damaged in an incident, but Burke enjoys music still. Practice really does make perfect.”
(shows that the loss of his arm came later on in his life and that he had some interesting talents)

To be an architect (a brief exploration into the architecture tendencies of the time):
The Manor was built on speculation (meaning it was built without any intended buyers).
Now we've never seen the entirety of the manner which means that we can only piece together what we know of it from the sections where we explore pieces of the inside and from parts of external view.
What we do know is that around the time the manor was sold for a fairly cheap price, these types of estates were symbols of status which shows that while these people may not have been the most wealthy they did come from a significant social standing.
The background of the manor was originally designed with aspects of the 20th century, but based on many deductions and later official changes, the background in the game can be determined to occur in the 19th century. The 19th century was a period of great popularity of romanticism, and under the influence of it, architectural changes also took place-called romantic architecture. The 1830s to 1860s was the early stage of the development of romantic architecture, also known as pre-romanticism. Medieval castle-style mansions and even Eastern architectural sketches appeared.
It has been stated that he may be inspired by Edmund Burke, a Canadian architect from the 19th and 20th century. But this is a loose connection. But he has done some gothic revival and similar style buildings
The background
Next, let’s talk about a background story that may be related to Barker’s deduction. This is the manor’s background story previously released by the official WeChat account, but there are many omissions, which have now been deleted. However, if you compare the cannon with this background you'll see some interesting similarities that correlate to Burke
[Background story that was later scrapped]
Everything starts with Winston Manor (also known as Oulitis Manor):
In the 20th century in Europe, a young couple bought a huge estate in a remote mountain area at a low price. The reason why this manor was so cheap is because the reputation this manor had was not very good (because of the rumors of the past generations) and because of the bad reputation, there were no neighbors around.
After the couple moved into the manor, they renovated the manor, they enjoy Western mythology, which is why the manor is full of it

Just when everyone thought that this family would live a happy life forever, something that no one wanted to mention happened: 24 years ago, the protagonist ushered in his 12th birthday, which was originally a happy thing. However, on this day, the protagonist experienced the saddest thing in the world-he witnessed the brutal murder of his parents by bandits, and the cause of this tragic case was only: the impromptu killings of the surrounding refugees because of the theft. They deliberately created a cruel crime scene afterwards in an attempt to disrupt the clues.
(keep in mind this background story was scrapped although parts of it may still be true)
Here's the link to the full story if you'd like to read it.
The owner of the manor that we see first strongly relates to the deross family we see and Burke's deductions. I'll start going over those here.
Mad eyes deduction
  1. Contract - It used to be a proper job.
Damaged Contract: Signed by Dennis DeRoss and Burke Lapadura.
Combining the background story mentioned earlier, after the couple bought the manor, they started looking for an architect who could work to rebuild it. Burke was young and arrogant, and had a certain reputation, not afraid of the ominous rumors that had spread around the manor he decided to take on the opportunity to work there and pursue his design goal. Considering the reputation that the manor had (as noted in the background story), many workers were dissuaded from pursuing employment at the manor. Due to this, it was the once fearless and talented Burke who undertook most of the architectural design work.
  1. Test Ground - Some saw ruins, while I saw "potential".
Archive 1: Attached are architectural plans for symmetrical towers. A rectangular area is marked in red at the center of the building.
Generally speaking, in regards to architectural designs, red and rectangular marks have special meanings
For example, it can be used to reserve a column position (as is seen in this picture)
This means that, for whatever reason, the floor should be reserved during construction. According to the location, the red rectangle on Barker's drawing may refer to the secret room or safe room that is mentioned later in his deductions. In short, the work entrusted to him by the couple gave full play to his talents and gave him free reign of his architectural abilities, this was an enjoyable endeavor for Burke to undertake.
  1. Labor Force - Robots are more reliable than humans.
Archive 2: Archived drawings of a strange humanoid structure. It seems that hundreds of parts need to be made to complete the design.
As mentioned earlier, most of the design tasks in the manor are done by him alone, and there are many bad rumors about the manor (so maybe not many people are willing to work here), and Burke is not the type who likes to communicate with people. In this case, what he thought of was to make his own form of labor that could help him, aka robots. The specific humanoid structure mentioned in this deduction most likely refers to Guard 26 or BonBon, a metal penguin which he is responsible for creating to help him with his tasks.
  1. Strange Kid - I don't like those noisy living creatures. They give me headaches.
Diary 1: Mr. and Mrs. DeRoss made new building requests, and they even bought their own staff. There was also a strange boy in this annoying group who showed great interest in my studio. I have to find a way to keep him away from my treasures.
Even if he is obsessed with architecture, burke is still very sensitive to changes in the world outside of his direct hobbies. From his point of view the child is getting in his way and putting himself into dangerous situations due to his excessive curiosity
The DeRoss couple seem to care for Burke. But Burke, most likely around his twenties at the time and potentially still a child from the perspective of the older DeRoss couple, obviously only wants to work on his own and in solitude.
A popular theory (translated by @mayousailor on Twitter from @sky5memo - link below) is that The staff the DeRoss family brought included the family of the "strange boy" as he is stated to be "among" the group. The 4th deduction of bonbon supports this: "The little rascal’s gone and misplaced some valuable things again, after coming back from his 'true' parents". One interpretation if this is that he's stealing things for his biological family. Despite who his biological family is, we know the child is at the very least the children the DeRoss's to some extent, most likely through adoption.
In bane's character day letter (and in BonBon's 6th deduction) we get to see that bane is connected to Burke though his occupation on the manor as the gamekeeper. In the letter he states:
"You haven’t come out of the laboratory in almost a month, and the Young Miss - who I'll get to later - and Young Master have started to run into the woods."
If the boy is the young master that means that he has to have some status above that of a common worker.
The assumption that the boy was the son of servants, but eventually adopted by Dennis and his wife, makes this make a lot more sense.
By the way, if you use Mad Eyes in the game, turn the screen to the side and you can see that Burke has a pair of very lovely green eyes. he should have been very handsome when he was young (after all, children are preceptive to appearance and a handsome face will likely gain favor with them, who knows? It could have played a role in why the young boy liked him)
  1. Secret Chamber - Is there a safer place than a room you can't find?
Diary 2: That kid is so annoying. Every time I look back, I can always see his clothes or shoes sticking out from the corner. What an idiot.
With more and more people moving in, the manor is gradually approaching its completion, although Burke is still being hired to continue the expansion work. After mulling over the situation, he decided to move much of his work into the secret room, thinking that he would not be discovered by others working there (is there a safer place than a room that can’t be found?" I think my plan is great!). A potential theory for why he decided to move into this room could have just been that he preferred to work on the tasks that he knew he had to complete in solitude - and with the house growing more populated his room provided him a sanctuary.
But one of the many impossibilities of children is that they have an amazing perception. The secret room Burke spent so long constructing and hiding was easily found by the boy. The child would often secretly watch Burke working in this room. Maybe he wanted to be able to play with Burke (after all, his sister was not born yet so he was possibly lonely), and Burke - unlike the other servants - hasn't had much contact with the child, so it is understandable that he'd be curious. Burke's account explains that he can tell that the child's watching him and he says he finds it annoying - however he never actually does anything to stop him from observing his work.
Burke's words and actions are contradictory but help show who he is as a person - he is strict in his tone, but soft in his heart: Although he said that the child is very annoying and stupid, he did not reprimand the boy or drive him away, but silently complained while indulging the boys curiosity.
  1. Number 26 - This is a breakthrough.
Test Record 1: After No. 26 was instructed to take Wooden Box 1, No. 26 stopped moving after taking Wooden Box 1. After No. 26 was instructed to take any numbered Wooden Box except Box 1, No. 26 left the experimental zone after taking the boxes and began to move towards the unnumbered boxes.
Bark’s experiment (No.26) has made new progress. The 26th iteration of his invention is finally somewhat successful and has a certain degree of autonomy, the robot picks up its designated boxes, within proceeds to pick up boxes which aren't even in the testing zone, contributing that it has the ability to carry out actions it's not programmed with. This will be further explained when I do the video on BonBon, but Burke's creation is something he himself has yet to fully comprehend.
  1. Another - I should have seen it coming.
Diary 3: Darn it, humans will reproduce. I should remember that well. My employer was a young couple, and of course, they had children! The only thing to be grateful for was that the brat's attention was completely diverted to "Miss DeRoss", because that gave me time to finish my work. (Optimize secret room)
Time passed, and the boy had his own sister (the child the young couple gave birth to) and everyone's attention was focused on "Miss Delos" - which is the name of the baby. There were no children to bother for a while, and Burke began to optimize his secret room (aka man cave) and guard 26.
  1. Small issue - They will never surprise me anymore.
Test Record 2: After No. 26 was given the command to start, it started playing a voice that was never input. Curse those brats! Miss DeRoss, in particular, should stay away from my Robots! They don't need names like cats and dogs.
Burke continued his experiments. During this time, he was continuing work on Guard 26, his Magnum opus. "Miss Deros" had also grown up with her brother, and had become a new headache for poor Burke. They take to giving names befitting pets to his creations. Most notably when the little girl gives guard 26 the name BonBon, which the robot files in his memory banks. Burke find these names childish and he is seen in some of BonBon's deductions trying to erase this name from his memory bank.
What's even more interesting is how he responds in tweets. Idv Twitter in Japan likes to post character responses to questions and statements posted by fans. Pascal/uranatte (link to his Twitter in description and his koi-fi or you can support is good work and translations if you'd like)
“Bonbon? Bunbun? Penpen? Banban? Which one–––!!!?”
……… It’s No. 26
“Bonbon’s Penpen is so cute but I can’t roll Bonbon’s Hophop”
It’s No. 26 No. 26 No. 26!!
It’s Halloween–!
Have some liqueur bonbons!”
“Bonbon” comes from the “Bom” of “Bomb”, not from bonbon the candy……
…… Anyways, its name isn’t Bonbon in the first place!!
It’s No. 26!!
Here mad eye gets defensive about how his name is in reference to his bombs. He seems to act as if he doesn't like guard 26's nickname but he is quick to defend it.
“Banban becoming a Mister Bear is so cute. I’m looking forward to it Penpen”
It’s neither Banban nor Mister Bear and it’s not Penpen either!!
It’s Bonbon!!
…… Wait, no!!
It’s No. 26!!
Here Burke is shown slipping up and calling him bonbon himself. He may not like the name but at least in some subconscious part of him it stuck.
Burke's daily life in the old manor was probably like this often, having to deal with kids giving his inventions silly little names. despite his stated distaste for it he never actually does anything significant to stop them and doesn't really start seriously changing BonBon until after the incident (which will be mentioned later) he is a very warm guy but seems to be having a headache from everyone's stupidity 24/7
  1. The mob - Human's stupidity always amazes me.
Deduction: Diary 4: They took everyone, including the children. I should have set the Robot to guard this place. It's too late, it's far too late.
The story here should correspond to the gangster in the original background story:
24 years ago, the protagonist ushered in his 12th birthday. This was originally a happy thing, but on this day, the protagonist experienced the saddest thing in the world. He witnessed the brutal murder of his parents by bandits, but the cause of this tragic case was only: the impromptu homicide of the surrounding refugees because of the theft, they deliberately created a cruel crime scene afterwards in order to disturb the clues.
Of course, there is a big discrepancy between Burke's deduction and this, for example, in Burke's cannon telling not only was the couple killed, but everyone except himself (supposedly). There are some significant differences between them but what's important is the continuity: That the manor was overrun by a mob and people died.
But the weird thing is that in that historical period, would there be such a big riot in Britain?
A search for riots in Britain around that time shows some potential candidates:
Swing Riots were a widespread uprising in 1830 by agricultural workers in southern and eastern England, in protest at agricultural mechanisation and harsh working conditions. This time period is a few decades before the time suggested by his appearance, but there is a long gap between the end of his deduction story and his time as a hunter, so there is a significant possibility that these riots could be responsible for what happened.
The Bread Riots 1847 to 1867. Resulting in the price of bread rising steeply, and this, in turn, led to a feeling of discontent. Ultimately rioting broke out against shopkeepers and angry citizens. These riots take place later on and are less likely to be the cause of the one faced by Burke and the DeRoss family.
Both of these riots may not be directly related, but the poor working conditions at the time which spurred these riots may have played a role in the one we see with the manor. It is possible the DeRoss family was simply swept up against an angry mob that held destain for those of a higher economic status due to conditions for those in poverty at the time.
(!): It’s Miss Teros and likely the boy that came with the workers.
  1. Sentinel - Ah, such a long wait, but they’ll be back, won’t they?
Archive 3: Archived drawings of a strange humanoid structure. Lots of new parts that look like weapons were added.
(According to the background story that may be changed,) Later the manor received a new owner. The new owner was different from the previous family, but he was willing to take in Burke, who had lost his job and "family". Burke continued to work at the manor, doing some basic reconstruction.
He continued to experiment in the manor while waiting for the family in the past to return here. He blamed himself for their disappearance because he was unable to protect them as he always wanted to do. In the second Bonbon deduction it's revealed that Burke created him in part to help with "babysit" the kids, the 6th deduction shows that he tweaked the bomb function in order to help defend the kids who had a tendency for wandering in the dangerous poacher filled forest.
But BonBon wasn't set to protect when the attack happened, so the family was defenseless. Burke took refuge in his safe room, but for whatever reason (whether it be out of stubbornness, fear, or simply that Burke possibly never informed them of the place) the family faced the threat head on. After this disaster, Burke refused to commit previous mistakes, he added a large number of weapon parts to his machines - new and old. He built them to possess immeasurable firepower, so that even children can be protected. Maybe they will never come back, maybe they will return to the manor tomorrow. With this idea, Bark has been waiting, gradually aging, and making himself look completely different from the past through modification. But if they do have a return, seeing Burke today, could they even recognize that this was once their talented architect, that this was once their "family"
As it turns out Burke's hope isn't entirely misplaced. The name of the father of the DeRoss family is Dennis (as he is referred to), however in other characters deductions there's mention of another character in the family who commonly goes by "Barron DeRoss" and is known to be the owner of the manor. (@sky5memo on Twitter proposes something interesting)
((Please note that this was originally in Japanese and was translated by the previously mentioned Pascal, again links for him are down below)). He states that Barron de Ross may actually be the (supposedly) adopted son we read about in Burke's deductions - implying that he never died. The evidence to support this theory can be found in Martha's character day letter to Barron DeRoss where she writes:
"Do not forget the tragedy that happened to your family."
In addition to this the Second Anniversary Pack. Contained within it some pretty interesting information. Contained in the pack is a story titled "Letter to an Older Brother", from the DeRosses' daughter. The title of this letter itself implies that the son eventually became welcomed into the family if he wasn't their child to begin with.
In the letter is this quote (please keep in mind that Pascal translated this from Japanese, but it originally had to have been translated it from Chinese, so it may be a little off):
"Please don't blame yourself for the death of my parents; You loved them even more than I did, didn't you? And I know you tried your hardest to help them, too. The fact that I'm even alive now is proof of that."
This essentially cements the fact that Dennis DeRoss and his wife were killed by the brutal mob depicted in Burke and Bonbon's deductions. The boy viciously fought to protect the daughter which would explain how she survived.
As for Martha's letter, if we assume that Baron DeRoss is actually this adopted servant boy, the statement regarding the tragedy that befell his family makes more sense.
In addition bonbon's 9th deduction reveals that in the mob attacking the manor there were "familiar faces" in the crowd. While this may be referring to the dangerous poachers that had been seen by the family before, it makes more sense that it was the family of the servant boy as it was extremely likely that the mob took place due to issues of economic status and class. In an attack like this, a servant family would be more likely to participate than some poachers.
To summarize this part: we can theorize that the young girl and boy both managed to escape the attack from the mob thanks to courageous actions from the boy. The boy seems to blame himself for the death of the parents and the young girl wants to console him for it stating that he loved them even more than she did. This boy could have grown up to become Barron DeRoss, however this is not 100% certain. There's also the possibility that all the characters who mention Barron DeRoss are referring to the father before the incident took place.
In addition other letters from different characters reveal more information about Barron DeRoss.
Jack for instance notes in his character day letter that his mentor - James - was good friends with Barron DeRoss, however, due to a weakening body, he wasn't able to go meet him in person and thusly sent Jack in his stead.
In addition to The previously mentioned quote from this letter about not forgetting the tragedy that befell the Barron's family- Martha's letter contains more interesting clues. It appears as if she sent the letter regarding a job opportunity that seems to have some sketchy undertones. She essentially asked him to create for her a new identity in exchange for working for him.
The magician's letter reveals that Baron DeRoss decided to get in contact with servias about a “missing gentleman”. Not much is revealed about the context of this.
In Robbie's character letter which is sent from an nun from the orphanage where he attended it is revealed that the Baron is an expert in mental illness (it is possible the mental trauma experienced by his sister due to the mob incident spurred him pursue this field of study, or conversely if the Baron's identity is the father it's possible that he was already an expert in this field). it is also stated that he may intend to donate to the facility - showing that he's a man of wealth.
This is just a simple summary for these character letters, and I will explain more about them should I do videos on their character stories individually, But what they essentially reveal is that the Baron is a powerful man. It's unknown if Burke finds out later in his life that anyone survived the attack, But the last piece of information were given from Burke's perspective is that he's waiting patiently at the manner in hopes that they had survived, an in hopes will one day return.
This regret Burke feels is reflected more in some of his other Twitter responses:
(Translations sourced from Pathcal)
Response to the Valentine's day event
"I see, today was Valentines’ Day, was it.
Thanks for doing all this for someone like me.
It’s almost like… like having grandkids…"
“So Burke-san’s face looks like this…”
"Why, have I never shown it to you?
Well, it’s fine either way.
Appearances are, for both people and machines alike,
Just ways of hiding that they’re empty inside.
All that’s important is what they’re like deep down, and nothing else."
“Every time I see this skin this is what I think…… I wonder if Grampy Burke is feeling hot…… Don’t get burned okay… Take care, Grampy Burke……”
What in the… No need for worryin’!
Why, to think you’d care, what a sweet grandki……
… Wait a minute, I don’t remember having grandkids!
Extra little tidbits:
This is just an interesting interaction from the Twitter account I couldn't really tie in elsewhere -
“So Burke-san’s face looks like this…”
"Why, have I never shown it to you?
Well, it’s fine either way.
Appearances are, for both people and machines alike,
Just ways of hiding that they’re empty inside.
All that’s important is what they’re like deep down, and nothing else."
There's something to be said about recognizing the importance of what's on the inside. Burke never was really fascinated with appearance despite how he probably looked rather attractive in his youth. (Joseph could take a lesson from him) ((and I oop-))
His character day hasn't happened yet but I'll probably make a comment for it when it does. Till then I'll put down what I know
The character day is: November 27th
His occupation: architect
Interests: Machines, mechanisms, buildings
Talents: Machines, mechanisms, buildings
dislikes: People who destroy buildings and use the facilities without permission
Likes: Machines, mechanisms, buildings, VODKA (yeah boys)
Burke is one of the few hunters with a known surname, along with Bane Perez, Joseph Desaulniers and Leo Beck.
He is 1 of only 3 Difficulty Level 3 Characters, the others being William Ellis and Yidhra.
Now that I'm nearing the end I think I'll propose my answer to one last question - what's his purpose in hunting? If I were to guess I would say that in his eyes his hunting is done to protect the manor. He wasn't invited here to kill people, he may not have been invited here at all, what's known for certain is that he never left, he's always been here. He spent years regretting his decision to watch everything happen in hiding, in this time it's not going to be that way again. Everyone else is invading his sanctuary and this time he's not going to hide. He'll fight to protect his home.
I want to give credit to these people for a lot of the information presented here.
马一甲 on Sharelib and Lofter -
I talked to them previous to making this asking them for permission to include some of their research. Provides background information on the historical context for mad eye and historical context (a lot of the information contained in here is translated and contained within this analysis, this was a massive help and I strongly suggest you support them)
Mayousailor on Twitter -
Has amazing translations for basically anything from the game you'd ever want to look at and provides a few theories of his own. Translates character deductions, letters, tweets and more.
Sky5memo on Twitter
Constructed a few of their own theories (these theories were translated by Mayousailor above)
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2020.09.21 04:43 redspider74 A GREAT story from author Samuel (Chip) Delany (Copied from his Facebook page)

A GREAT story from author Samuel (Chip) Delany (Copied from his Facebook page)
"One of the delightful accidents in my life happened in December 1973 when I flew to Heathrow to rejoin Marilyn, who had phoned me in New York and invited me to come over to London with the express purpose of having a baby. It didn't start well. Marilyn's business partner, John Sims, was perhaps the most socially awkward person I met in that city. Marilyn and John took me out to dinner, on the first night: Frankly I had a miserable time, and it wasn't the food. When we went home (to 21 Paddington St., across from and beside the two halves of Paddington Park, which, like Tomkins Square in New York, had once been a graveyard, though some of the markers were still visible among the grasses), probably we had an argument, and I went to bed wondering if this wasn't a mistake. I thought about going home and the only reason I didn't was that I couldn't afford it. Marilyn did, however, have some wonderful friends--Howard, Liz, and Judith Landry, a bookseller and his two wives (and four children), as well as Diana Senior, and her husband and partner, John Heathcote-Williams--and a book-runner in the KIng's Road Market where she and John had their rare-book business named Cyclops (he only had one eye and it had been his nickname since he was a kid and he was enough of a natural extrovert to enjoy it; in that city of very pale men and women he looked to be about my racial make-up, and he'd been raised in an orphanage), whom we eventually had for dinner and who couldn't have been more pleasant. As well we reconnected with an old friend from New York and Marilyn's days at NYU, now an art dealer, Victor Arwas. (He'd loaned Marilyn the money to start her business. And she'd paid him back.) These were all folks who came to dinner, along with Ann Lauterback, John and Marjorie Brunner, Ted Berrigan and Alice Notley, and Michael and Hilary Moorcock . . . I'd also brought Marilyn a present: some information I'd picked up from a poet I'd met at St. Marks back in Europe, Lewis White [?], the first poet I'd ever met who'd had poems I'd read in 𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘕𝘦𝘸 𝘠𝘰𝘳𝘬𝘦𝘳. How did you do it, I'd asked him. (He's the model for the poet Frank in 𝘋𝘩𝘢𝘭𝘨𝘳𝘦𝘯.) You have to submit, he said. But you have to submit a lot. Get yourself a package of index cards, a package of envelopes, and a card file. Make a list of all the places that publish poems, draft a 𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘺 short cover letter that states the names of the poems you're sending it. (Do 𝘯𝘰𝘵 tell them everywhere you've published before, he said.) Address and stamp half the envelopes to yourself. Then put three poems, the SASE envelope, and the (brief, brief, brief[!] cover letter) into five, six, or seven envelopes and start them going around. When they come back, he said, don't even read the rejection slips. Take them out of one envelope and put them in another, and send them out immediately. (If you can, he said, do it as soon as you wake up--and then have your breakfast. Mail them as soon as you leave for work.) Marilyn started following it, and by the end of the year she'd had poems published in every place in England you could have them appear, from 𝘈𝘮𝘣𝘪𝘵 to the TLS (𝘛𝘪𝘮𝘦𝘴 𝘓𝘪𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘢𝘳𝘺 𝘚𝘶𝘱𝘱𝘭𝘦𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵). I also gave myself a present: In the narrow four-story house in which we lived (in 21 Paddington St., beside Paddington Park), there was an Indian Restaurant on the ground floor, an African business office on the second floor, we lived on the third, and someone moved into the top floor shortly after we got there. Whoever it was brought a piano, and began to during the day. It was really beautiful music--and a couple of times I went upstairs and simply sat outside the door and listened. The second or third time I did so, I waited till player was almost finishing a piece. Then I stood up and knocked. The player came to the door and answered. "Excuse me," I told him. "I'm your downstairs neighbor. I just wanted to say, you play beautifully." "You really 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 it . . .?" he said. "Yes, I really do. My name's Chip Delany and I live with my wife downstairs." "My name's Tim Curry," he said. "I'm an actor, actually. But I also compose . . ." Within the week Tim came down to dinner. A couple of weeks later, Marilyn and I went to see Tim in a show Upstairs at the Royal Court, where he had a very small part doing a black-out parody of Enoch Powell in a very forgettable part. A few months after that, I saw him on the stairs and asked him how things were coming. Yes, he had another part--this was in a play at the Kings Road Theater, just across the street, it turned out, from the sprawl of the Kings Road Market. Tim suggested we come to the second or third performance so that the show, which had rehearsed somewhere else, could settle into the space. I believe he even gave us the tickets. Marilyn and I went into the small auditorium that evening under the impression that his part was going to be comparable to the three- or four-minute cameo Tim had done in the first play in which we'd seen him. We noticed, as soon as we went into the theater, that a raised ramp had been built down the center from the back of the auditorium to the stage. Finally the lights went down and some characters named Janet and Brad come out on the stage and began to explain and sing their way through a wedding and a car ride to a lonely castle, most of which was in the mind. Soon they stepped onto the head of the ramp and in the rain knocked on the door of an imaginary castle and-- --a spotlight lanced to the back of the theater! And there was the mad, androgynous Dr. Frank N. Further, who sashayed forward to the stage, singing what was then the entrance number, "I'm a sweet transvestite, transexual from Transylvania!!!" The show did not let up its energy till it was over. Frankly, it was one of the best nights I'd had at a theater since Marilyn and Bob and I had gone to see "Things that Go Bump in the Night"! (Only 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 was a musical!) When it was over we went back to congratulate Tim, who wanted us to come and meet the author, Richard O'Brian, who had (of course) played Rifraff: In the crowded dressing room, we said hello and told him how much we'd enjoyed it. And I got one of the nicest surprises of 𝘮𝘺 life. "You're Chip Delany--and Tim says you write science fiction. You don't have any connection to 𝘚𝘢𝘮𝘶𝘦𝘭 Delany, do you?" "Yes," I said. "Actually that's my real name." "Well!" said O'Brien. "I should tell you that I'm one of 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 biggest fans." It was, as they say, a night to remember. Marilyn and I went home delighted that the play had been such a success. We were still living below Tim when, that summer, it was being filmed out in Elstree, and I remember meeting Tim on the way home from the underground station in Baker Street. His hair was still wet and stringy and he explained they'd been shooting a scene a swimming pool (which had, of course, 𝘯𝘰𝘵 been in the play) but O'Brian and Adler had agreed, since it was there, they might as well use it. I remember that was an evening of a balmy spring day in West-One . . ." -Samuel (Chip) Delany-
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2020.09.21 01:19 pinguitis_granditis Seraphina's Nightmare (Jemi part from unOrdinary 18+ Part 23)

Across the beach, rows of white chairs lined the two sides of a pathway that led to a flower-filled arch. Several Wellston students sat in some of the chairs, chattering with each other. Some of the more recognized students, such as Meili, Ventus, and Zeke, sat quietly. The dress attire was formal for this specific event; the guys wore tuxedos while the girls wore dresses. A well-groomed man stood in between the arch with a book in his hand. More seats were filled as Brea, Crail, Holden, Hower, Isen, and Blyke took their place. Even a couple of strangers decided to join in on the special occasion.
Twenty minutes before the event's start, everyone else arrived, such as Arlo, Elaine, Lin, Mardin, Evie, Cecile, Seraphina, Tanner, and others, except for the two main guests. Seraphina took a seat next to Elaine, confused about the occasion.
"Elaine, why are we here, and why does it look like someone's getting married?" Seraphina asked.
"What do you mean? Did John not tell you?"
Arlo stared at Seraphina with a puzzled look. He opened his mouth to say something but quickly closed it. 'Did John not tell her?'
"John? What does John have to do with this?" Seraphina moved her eyes from Elaine to Arlo multiple times.
Zeke stood from his chair and said, "He's here!" before sitting back down.
Everyone turned their heads to see the familiar black-haired boy in a fitted black tux. He strolled down the aisle, and instead of taking a seat, he walked directly to the front and faced the crowd.
Seraphina brought her eyebrows together, puzzled and frustrated as to not knowing what was occurring. From her peripheral vision, she recognized a familiar figure—John's dad. 'When did William get here?! What the hell is going on?! John can't possibly be getting married!'
Within a few minutes, a golf cart arrived with the bride in the passenger seat.
Zeke stood once more. "She's here!"
Everyone turned their heads again and saw the pink-haired girl they were expecting, stepping off the golf cart with a staff member's help. Remi slowly walked down the aisle with the help of the same staff member. Whispering was heard from both sides of the pathway, complimenting the bride's dress and looks.
"She looks beautiful!" Meili said to Ventus, who, in turn, nodded his head in agreement.
Evie tapped Roland next to her. "Look at her dress! It looks well-made and pricey as well."
"John is such a lucky guy," Roland said.
Remi's hair was curled, and she wore diamond earrings with a diamond necklace. Her wedding dress exposed her shoulders and revealed a small amount of cleavage. Straps extended from the chest area of her dress for her arms to be placed through the openings. The dress was well-tailored to her waist circumference, displaying her body's curves to John and the crowd. The train behind the wedding dress wasn't too long nor too short.
Seraphina sat there, shocked at the revelation of John, her best friend, her crush, getting married to Remi. For her, it was hard to watch John's face beaming with happiness and excitement in every shape, way, and form as Remi inched closer to him. She felt the corner of her lips jitter, and her eyes began to water.
Remi reached where John was, and they both turned to look at each other. The man holding the book stepped closer to the two individuals. He opened the book and began reading a few lines until the main questions came.
"Remi, do you take John as your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?" the man asked the bride.
A tear rolled down her cheek as she smiled. "Yes, I do."
"John, do you take Remi as your lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?" the man asked the groom.
"Yes, I do."
Seraphina's whole world crumbled into a pitch-black void, never to be seen again. A tear rolled down her cheek, and all she could do is watch. If she stood up and left, she would have drawn unnecessary attention to herself.
A staff member gave each of them the opposing person's ring. John slid Remi's ring onto her ring finger, and Remi slid John's ring onto his.
The man closed the book. "Now that bride and groom have given themselves to each other by solemn vows, with the joining of hands and the giving and receiving of rings, I pronounce that they are husband and wife." He clapped his hands together. "You may kiss the bride!"
John leaned forward and placed a warm and soft kiss on Remi's lips. Those seated and watching from the side, except for Seraphina, clapped their hands for the newlywed couple.
"That's my son!" William said.
Seraphina bent forward, in tears, from her bed. She looked around the dark hotel room, taking in the dream she woke up from. It wouldn't even be a dream in her eyes, more like a nightmare. She felt her pillow wet, and the bed's undersheets were wet as well. She was sure the pillow was wet from her tears, but her body was outlined in the sheets from how much she sweat during the nightmare. After a few seconds, she flopped back onto her bed and covered herself, despite being sweaty. 'I'm sure I wouldn't have dreamed of Remi and John if it weren't for yesterday.'

Source: https://archiveofourown.org/works/26267365/chapters/64775155
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2020.09.21 01:18 pinguitis_granditis Seraphina's Nightmare (Jemi part from unOrdinary 18+ Part 23)

Across the beach, rows of white chairs lined the two sides of a pathway that led to a flower-filled arch. Several Wellston students sat in some of the chairs, chattering with each other. Some of the more recognized students, such as Meili, Ventus, and Zeke, sat quietly. The dress attire was formal for this specific event; the guys wore tuxedos while the girls wore dresses. A well-groomed man stood in between the arch with a book in his hand. More seats were filled as Brea, Crail, Holden, Hower, Isen, and Blyke took their place. Even a couple of strangers decided to join in on the special occasion.
Twenty minutes before the event's start, everyone else arrived, such as Arlo, Elaine, Lin, Mardin, Evie, Cecile, Seraphina, Tanner, and others, except for the two main guests. Seraphina took a seat next to Elaine, confused about the occasion.
"Elaine, why are we here, and why does it look like someone's getting married?" Seraphina asked.
"What do you mean? Did John not tell you?"
Arlo stared at Seraphina with a puzzled look. He opened his mouth to say something but quickly closed it. 'Did John not tell her?'
"John? What does John have to do with this?" Seraphina moved her eyes from Elaine to Arlo multiple times.
Zeke stood from his chair and said, "He's here!" before sitting back down.
Everyone turned their heads to see the familiar black-haired boy in a fitted black tux. He strolled down the aisle, and instead of taking a seat, he walked directly to the front and faced the crowd.
Seraphina brought her eyebrows together, puzzled and frustrated as to not knowing what was occurring. From her peripheral vision, she recognized a familiar figure—John's dad. 'When did William get here?! What the hell is going on?! John can't possibly be getting married!'
Within a few minutes, a golf cart arrived with the bride in the passenger seat.
Zeke stood once more. "She's here!"
Everyone turned their heads again and saw the pink-haired girl they were expecting, stepping off the golf cart with a staff member's help. Remi slowly walked down the aisle with the help of the same staff member. Whispering was heard from both sides of the pathway, complimenting the bride's dress and looks.
"She looks beautiful!" Meili said to Ventus, who, in turn, nodded his head in agreement.
Evie tapped Roland next to her. "Look at her dress! It looks well-made and pricey as well."
"John is such a lucky guy," Roland said.
Remi's hair was curled, and she wore diamond earrings with a diamond necklace. Her wedding dress exposed her shoulders and revealed a small amount of cleavage. Straps extended from the chest area of her dress for her arms to be placed through the openings. The dress was well-tailored to her waist circumference, displaying her body's curves to John and the crowd. The train behind the wedding dress wasn't too long nor too short.
Seraphina sat there, shocked at the revelation of John, her best friend, her crush, getting married to Remi. For her, it was hard to watch John's face beaming with happiness and excitement in every shape, way, and form as Remi inched closer to him. She felt the corner of her lips jitter, and her eyes began to water.
Remi reached where John was, and they both turned to look at each other. The man holding the book stepped closer to the two individuals. He opened the book and began reading a few lines until the main questions came.
"Remi, do you take John as your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?" the man asked the bride.
A tear rolled down her cheek as she smiled. "Yes, I do."
"John, do you take Remi as your lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?" the man asked the groom.
"Yes, I do."
Seraphina's whole world crumbled into a pitch-black void, never to be seen again. A tear rolled down her cheek, and all she could do is watch. If she stood up and left, she would have drawn unnecessary attention to herself.
A staff member gave each of them the opposing person's ring. John slid Remi's ring onto her ring finger, and Remi slid John's ring onto his.
The man closed the book. "Now that bride and groom have given themselves to each other by solemn vows, with the joining of hands and the giving and receiving of rings, I pronounce that they are husband and wife." He clapped his hands together. "You may kiss the bride!"
John leaned forward and placed a warm and soft kiss on Remi's lips. Those seated and watching from the side, except for Seraphina, clapped their hands for the newlywed couple.
"That's my son!" William said.
Seraphina bent forward, in tears, from her bed. She looked around the dark hotel room, taking in the dream she woke up from. It wouldn't even be a dream in her eyes, more like a nightmare. She felt her pillow wet, and the bed's undersheets were wet as well. She was sure the pillow was wet from her tears, but her body was outlined in the sheets from how much she sweat during the nightmare. After a few seconds, she flopped back onto her bed and covered herself, despite being sweaty. 'I'm sure I wouldn't have dreamed of Remi and John if it weren't for yesterday.'

Source: https://archiveofourown.org/works/26267365/chapters/64775155
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2020.09.21 00:03 Kripox The inheritance of England seems nonsensical as all hell and I have no idea what is going on. Help.

So, I'm new to the game and I just modified a character in the Byzantine Empire a tad, then played as him. I married Harald Hardrada of Norway's daughter Ingegerd and gave her a few traits. Cheats ahoy.
Anyway, a few years after game start I am notified that I am now allied to my wife as she inherited England, but I have no idea what has happened. After checking the title history and a previous auto save this seems to be the chain of events:
  1. Harold Godwinson, Harald Hardrada and William the Bastard are doing their regular 3 way war.
  2. William conquers England and kicks out Godwinson.
  3. Hardrada conquers England and kicks out William. William is now an independent Duke in Normandy.
  4. Hardrada dies of natural causes. Scandinavian elective succession causes Norway to pass to Asbjørn Ulfsen Munsö, a danish relative. At least i assume it was Scandinavian Elective, the oldest auto save I have has Norway as Confederate partition, but with that law i dont see how Asbjørn would inherit instead of harald's children, so I think Asbjørn changed it after inheritance? No idea. Norway is therefore lost to Haralds House, the Ynglings.
  5. Now for the stupid part. Harald has also conquered England, and this title too needs an heir. England, which also has confederate partition in the oldest autosave I have, also does not pass to Harald's children, it passes BACK TO HAROLD GODWINSON. Who was kicked out by William who in turn was kicked out by Hardrada. How in the hell? He's not Hardrada's family, why is he inheriting this?
  6. Finally, Godwinson just randomly loses the title despite being alive. Weird. But again, instead of passing to his children, it passes back to my wife Ingegerd, who is Harald Hardrada's daughter, despite her not being a relative of Godwinson AND the realm has male preference inheritance, so both Godwinson's sons AND Hardrada's sons seem like they should have priority.
  7. Now that she has inherited, the game claims that her Heir is her half-brother Olav Haraldsson Yngling, so now apparently the succession is back to following regular rules. Except it targets her brother instead of her own children who are of my dynasty, but whatever.
If anyone can tell me what the hell happened here it would be much appreciated. I clearly don't understand how the inheritance in the game works.
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Who is William Aftons Wife? - YouTube The Untold Truth Of William and Kate's Marriage - YouTube What Happened To William From ‘Girlfriends’? - Unforgotten ... William Levy's One True Love ♥♥♥ - YouTube Medical Medium Anthony William - Home & Family - YouTube The Sad Truth About Rose Hanbury And Prince William - YouTube Afton Family react to “who is William Afton’s wife?” - YouTube

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  2. The Untold Truth Of William and Kate's Marriage - YouTube
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