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2019.01.30 19:44 RowenLaan Atomic Heart: Possible Development Problems

This is the official translation (with minor additions) of the original article.

First things first:

I am the creator of an independent gamedev-themed Telegram channel. Yesterday I published an open letter to Atomic Heart developers asking them to comment on the recent rumors surrounding the game and provide updates. Since then, 11 people have contacted me, 10 of which are confirmed former and current Mundfish developers (the last one being ‘partly confirmed’). Everything that is about to follow comes from them. As per the devs’ kind but firm request, their names, posts and work periods will not be revealed. There are multiple reasons for this. First, they don’t want to face prosecution by Mundfish for breaching the NDA. Second, game development in Russia is in a rather poor state compared to its neighbour Ukraine and developers are afraid of being put on a multi-nation blacklist, the sharing of which is common practice in the CIS, and thus losing access to jobs in the industry. Part of the reason why those exist is the fact that people are reluctant to talk about infringement of worker rights in the workplace, delays in payments and unlawful terminations.
You are welcome to copy, share and cite this text on your platform, as long as you provide the source link. Don’t ask me to share the names though, I will decline. If you want to get a comment, feel free to write on Telegram (@RowenLaan) and to my Reddit's PM. Telegram is the best way to get a quick response from me.


A few days ago, shortly after Atomic Heart gameplay premiere, a Discord screenshot emerged, which was followed by mushrooming rumours. Sources claimed that the gameplay shown was in fact an edited pre-render.
Messages translation:
- It’s about Mundfish and Atomic Heart. I don’t know if I should blacklist (they are referring to a gamedev companies blacklist made by developers) the guys.
[ - So, the VR department is closed, everyone’s fired. Can’t say I’m surprised. The organization is utter shit. It’s just impossible to work there.
- The [Mundfish] CEO is a guy from (A major search engine, media outlet and online game distributor in Russia), who sold some stocks and started his own company. He’s got funding.
- He used to be a Marketing Art Director or something. Fucking egomaniac. Doesn’t even know how gamedev works. Acts on impulse a lot. He’s fired a lot of devs.
- The visuals [from the trailer] are fake. The game looks like absolute crap.
- I don’t recommend you to ever work for him. Only if you need money and have patience.
- 3 coders got the ax this Thursday. Now he’s got a coding team of 0. Impulsive prick. Someone from NVIDIA told him that the coders were morons and he just kicked them out.
- I don’t know about the Saint Petersburg team, but the Moscow one is something you should avoid like plague. Not that it still exists though, lol. They fired everyone yesterday. ]
[ - They’re now looking for new slaves. If the inside is correct, the management said ‘We don’t need you, we’ll hire some students.’]
- The vacancies are still on their website.
- So much for the glorious Epic Games grant:
[ - Ah, no big deal. It only includes 20k dollars and help with the engine]
Here are the main points:
  1. The latest video is not a pre-render, but a staged gameplay recording. It is a trick used by many video game companies (e.g. Ubisoft).
  2. According to several contacts, the VR department was shut down last summer. Therefore, all messages from the screenshot date back to summer 2018. I should note that no actual ‘VR department’ has ever existed. The company had only one team, which switched its focus between the two projects. It is remarkable that the insider mentions «someone from NVIDIA» saying the coders were «morons». That very summer, NVIDIA suggested Mundfish to work with them and provided the team with hardware and a unique engine build. NVIDIA is also a consultant for the Moscow office – the one my contacts were dismissed from. Confirmed by contacts: After that massive reduction, the staff was down to 3 people. They had to start the project from scratch (more on that later).
  3. One contact claims that 3 programmers quit their jobs due to some inner bickering. One other employee confirmed that later. Unfortunately, I got no word from the former programmers themselves. One of them refused to comment, and I never managed to reach the other two.
  4. Nine contacts confirm incompetent management.
  5. Ten contacts confirm recurrent impulsive terminations.

Who is behind Atomic Heart?

The top management of Mundfish counts three people: Oleg Gorodishenin, Artyom Galeev and Robert Bagratuni. Employees’ opinion on them varies only slightly. In addition they have Evgeniya Serova.
Robert Bagratuni (Maksim Zatsepin) – company’s CEO/Investor. A good marketing expert, who takes credit for the game’s current popularity. Bad rumours turned out true: he believes that only graphics sell games, while gameplay and story are negligible. His marketing skills receive no criticism, and all complaints against him are based on his knowledge gap in game development. When Zatsepin’s friend, Anton Logvinov (A well-known Russian Youtuber and game reviewer) visited the Moscow office, he was surprised to hear that everyone called the CEO Robert.
Oleg Gorodishenin – game producer. He seems to have earned a very poor reputation among colleagues. None of the contacts described him in a positive light. After some research, I found his previous project. Heroes of Scene was developed by another team and released on Steam in 2015. Oleg goes along with everything the CEO says or does. Contacts believe that he is trying to gain more ground within the company and pursues financial profit. Despite having some experience in gamedev, Oleg has never provided advice on development or questioned CEO’s decisions. Developers claim that it is Oleg’s friendship with Robert, which lets him keep his post. Oleg joined Mundfish when he was 19 (he is 20 or 21 now). According to my contacts, Oleg is behind the death of Soviet Lunapark VR and one of Atomic Heart versions (it is unclear which one, though).
Artyom Galeev – the key figure in Atomic Heart’s development. Artyom takes credit for everything the audience likes about the game. He has single-handedly created the setting and the visual design of the game. Almost all employees claim that he’s the biggest contributor to the game. As it seems now, Atomic Heart is his passion project, which savvy Oleg Gorodishenin got his hands on. Artyom is an enthusiastic visionary who has been brooding over the concept for many years.
Evgeniya Serova – the company’s registered owner. She is reported to be Mindfish’s legal expert and CFO (but only on paper). Evgeniya used to own a modeling agency, and is a former model herself. After finishing her model career, she employed at Newmedia Stars as a head of the CGI department. She hardly knows anything about game development, but often impinges upon the team’s work. Allegedly, she manages all of the company accounts. Those are registered abroad, as contacts says, although the specific countries are not yet identified. Any help with that is welcome. Cyprus has no trace of Mundfish.
Here are their descriptions from the official website.
This is the root of all problems – the project is lead by a team of marketing and design experts. The game looks spectacular and appealing but fails to deliver from the gameplay perspective. The developers suggest that the game is simply boring to play.

There is no stable concept

As I said, the game shines when it comes to animation, graphics and visual FX. The team is trying to follow the design document, but the development cycle often becomes hectic. At the beginning, the team implemented gameplay mechanics almost randomly. Someone from the management would come to the office and suggest borrowing mechanics from a game he recently played. That is how graphic executions made it into Atomic Heart – one of the executives played Doom 2016.
This inevitably lead to the never ending cycle of adding, changing and adjusting the game’s mechanics. Game designers came and went. Even after a year of development, the managers remain undecided on what game they are trying to make. One day they want Doom, then Dark Souls, and after that – Prey.
Project management is nonexistent. No backlog is kept and no roadmap is outlined – not even for several weeks. No kind of planned dev cycle can be found there.
Due to the management’s apparent incompetence in game design, other employees (artists, programmers and animators) had to do it for them. It was common for Robert to slam people for their ideas, even though the workers were clearly out of their field. As of December 2018, the project was reported to lack several key figures in development – game/sound/narrative/motion designers and writers.
One contact presumes that a game designer is unlikely to appear at all – Robert doesn’t seem to like them. The team has repeatedly pointed out to the executives that such policy cripples the development and therefore should be dropped. However, no response followed.
What proves the team members’ words (although indirectly), is the way the community managers tackle concept-related questions. Neither their interviews, nor the website mention what kind of game Atomic Heart is going to be. The only confirmed mechanics is crafting weapons from scrap and sort of PvP.
The contacts also claim that the game is absolutely linear and features a lot of invisible walls and closed doors. If the gameplay seemed linear to you – the staging is not to blame. Currently, the game is designed like that. Robert, however, mentioned big open maps the players could explore.
“The map that appears at the end of the trailer certainly implies an open-world setting and, while not a true confirmation, Bagratuni does explain that “the map is huge”. It’s converted from a real-world USSR chart and encompasses the Arctic Circle, plains, forests, and mountain passes and is connected by a usable railroad system. He also points out that it’s layered, with “a surface level and abandoned underground departments of ‘3826’” He also mentions Bunkers, “very detailed locations with a special Soviet atmosphere”.
"Atomic Heart was conceived as an open-world game," said Mundfish CEO Robert Bagratuni. "We want to enable players to choose the sequence of actions themselves instead of limiting them to a linear path. The world of the game is in fact the entire Soviet Union—a vast circle, the borders of which reach the Arctic in the north, Altai mountain in the south, and with plains, lakes and much more in the middle.”
Today’s build only lets you navigate the map and have rare fights with enemies. No narrative design is currently present.

Critical lack of quality programmers

Each year impulsive terminations and poor management cost the team valuable employees. It is extremely hard to find good coders, as in Russia there are very few developers with experience in C++ and UE4.
This entails a huge number of bugs and serious technical problems for Atomic Heart.
Some reports suggest that the game runs at 20-40 FPS even on, and I quote, “high-end rigs”.
Their VR Project, Soviet Lunapark VR, which is out on Steam, shows how bad the situation is.

Junior developers and quick discharges

As I said, almost all contacts confirm that quick discharges are a common practice at Mundfish.
This is how it plays out: Mundfish hires several greenies (recent graduates and juniors, who have little to no experience) and hands them all sorts of work.
Then someone from the management says they’re not doing something right (My contacts shared several FUBAR incidents, which I must keep to myself in order to preserve their anonymity) and sacks them in the blink of an eye. You could get fired for a small screw-up, or just because the management didn’t like you.
You could also employ as a Junior Level Designer and end up manually renaming a hundred gigabytes of assets simply because the project was a mess. As I was told, these assets accumulated during 2017 as a result of poor management, and were left by juniors with no developer experience.
Programmers, 3D artists and lever designers were the primary candidates for dismissal. These frequent dismissals and changes in staff are bringing the game quality down.
According to one of my contacts, as of January 28, 2019 the game is only 20% complete.
May 2018 saw the IGN interview with Robert, where he claimed that Mundfish had had a team of 20 people and had been planning to expand it to 40 in the next six months. According to my contacts, the team is still not larger than 20 people.
There are reports that most workers are employed unofficially and receive under-the-table salaries. This is what lets the managers dismiss workers at their will so frequently.
Few employees were registered as self-employed individuals, which is a violation of the Russian Federation Labor Code. Some people never received their due pay after getting fired. Only few people managed to get vacations, and if they did, they never received their leave allowance.
In 2018 only, 12 people were fired (keep in mind the fact that the team only counts less than 20 members).

Crunches and neverending release delays

Several employees confirmed that the team had to crunch from the onset of development, putting in weekends in 2017 and early 2018. However, severe lack of project management and qualified developers undermined this work. The development began to stagger, as it took programmers several weeks to sort out the their weekend work. The crunches were eventually dropped. No one got paid for all the extra hours.
It the beginning, executives aimed to release the game soon, but each month the release date would be put off further and further. Lack of experience and human resources for such an ambitious project resulted in game release being postponed until 2020, with beta coming in Q4 2019.

Soviet Lunapark VR was released without the team's consent

Initially, the executives planned Atomic Heart as a VR title. This is backed up by early job openings from January 2017. Oleg Gorodishenin sought developers for an "UE4 VR project". My contacts claim that after some time the project became a first-person shooter, only to convert back to a VR-game, with PSVR release set on December 2017. As my contacts claim, Robert wanted the project to generate profit, but the quality was severely lacking. Late in 2017, development was reportedly put on hold for the first time.
Sometime later, it was decided to make a VR project with assets which were already available, in order to generate profit. That's how Soviet Lunapark was born. Sources also stated that the game's main problem was not the fact that it was shut down, but the Early Access release and the promise of many features. One of those features was a story campaign. Promises, which obviously weren’t fulfilled. Development was stopped during early access, because the project wasn’t generating much profit. On the SteamDB page, you can check that the game had an “Early Access” tag, which was removed on July 23 2018.
Two other contacts also provided their story. At the moment of Soviet Lunapark’s launch, the game was supposed to be polished for two more months: adding features, fixing bugs and getting it ready to release on Steam. Robert and Oleg released the game without telling anything to the team. Developers accidentally found out about the game being released — when they saw that the project was already published.
Contacts insisted on pointing out their most important message: the game was sold as a beta with lots of promises, but they couldn't leave beta so the game was closed early. After that, the project was sold to a third party — District Zero. Selling the project wasn't part of the plan.
In the summer of 2018, the VR-department of Mundfish was closed. Later the same year, in September, the District Zero website went online, with the offices of both companies being 15 minutes of walking apart from each other. RBC has this interesting quote to share:
Mundfish was able to sell their side-project — a VR game called Soviet Lunapark, which they tested their VR technology on, using assets from Atomic Heart. In 2017, the project was sold for several tens of millions of rubles to the Russian company District Zero, a VR amusement park.
And now for the interesting part: Mundfish worked on Soviet Lunapark until the summer of 2018, as sources claim, and it definitely wasn't ready to be sold in 2017. Was Robert just showing off? Perhaps. District Zero was registered on September 29, 2017 and opened in September 2018.
The domain District Zero is registered on the Dutch company Minerva VR Group BV. The company was registered just on May 28, 2018, for someone named Nikolay Valerievich Volkov. You can also buy tickets to a VR-arena on their website.
You can also find that on Soviet Lunapark's Steam page, along with Mundfish studio, there is a link to District Zero.
You can still visit the free move VR Arcade version of the Soviet Luna Park in Moscow. See details here: (District Zero site link). In 2019 free move VR Arcade version will be available in all major cities around the world, that is London, Berlin, Los Angeles, New York, and others.
In conclusion, on May 1, 2019, Soviet Lunapark’s servers are going to be shut down and people who bought the game won’t be able to play it any longer.
Mundfish's VR-project was only supported for 221 days.
[Steam players reaction]
Soviet Luna Park VR servers will be shut down starting with March 1, 2019, so the game will not be available for playing.

Atomic Heart’s reveal trailer is mostly fake and was initially created for Electronic Arts

According to sources, an unnamed animator and Artyom Galeev were working on a completely pre-rendered trailer utilizing the mechanics of the canceled project simultaneously with the development of Soviet Lunapark. It includes renders of Maya projects mixed in with UE4 based renders (it’s implied that UE4 Sequencer was used). The following shots were chosen according to the developer’s descriptions. They also mention that all of the sound was added during editing.
According to them, this trailer was created for Electronic Arts. EA’s delegation visited Mundfish, but after examining the actual game they were bewildered and left.
The trailer was then showcased to the general public. It made waves and Robert restarted the development process (September 2018).
Developers also elaborated on the latest gameplay trailer.
The latest gameplay trailer is real in-engine footage, however:
  1. Sounds were most likely added during editing, just like before.
  2. For the last few months development was focused solely on creating the trailer. Many gameplay moments from that video aren’t finished and were prototyped just so there was something to show.
  3. Most of the robots walk along predetermined paths. Walking up to them doesn’t cause any reaction.
  4. It is speculated that all overlay text in the game (e.g. “ find a key”) is just text. It’s present in the engine and UI but doesn’t have any programming or quest logic behind it.

Atomic Heart’s development was restarted 5 months ago

According to my contacts, the entire programming staff left the development team. In addition, 4 more people were let go and the company was left with just 3 employees. In essence, that meant that 5 months ago the development process was back at square one. Employees indicate that the management is to blame for this. The project changed numerous times since 2017 but the codebase was left the same (Blueprint is what was being used). Because of that, the developers insisted that the project had to be rebooted using C++. They were trying to convince the higher-ups for months.
In the summer of 2018, the game was in a more complete state than it is now. The restart resulted in a rollback on the gameplay front. Developers say that the magnitude of the rollback can’t be understated.
An earlier version of Atomic Heart was a corridor shooter where you just walk around and kill enemies. The entire game could be finished in 15 minutes.

Is Atomic Heart a scam?

After all that information you could conclude that Atomic Heart is an attempt to cash in solely on its outstanding visual design. But it’s not that simple.
All of those listed problems, as contacts said, are a consequence of non-existent management and lack of direction, fueled by colossal ambitions. A lot of developers sincerely praise Artyom’s efforts and his wish to create the game of his dreams. He is the only management member to receive any praise from the devs.
Almost every contact is sure that the game will be finished eventually - Mundfish has liabilities to investors. Some contacts noted that Mundfish failed to find a publisher. This lead to Robert (CEO) contacting a venture fund and taking the obligation to return invested money after an eventual release in 2019. Mundfish was obliged to do a soft-launch in 2019 - this is the reason behind the 2019 beta for pre-purchasing the game. In fact, no one wants to release an unfinished game. But the end will be sad: the game in its current state will be extremely buggy, unoptimized, boring and will simply fall victim to its ambitions. One of the contacts says:
“It's more likely stupidity than the planned trick”
The other question I can’t get an answer is that pre-order thing. If the Atomic Heart is finished by only 20%, is that a right thing to do to open pre-orders? This is the most strange thing to me. Contacts are saying that the company accounts located somewhere abroad (possibly Cyprus or Maldivas, popular offshore regions). Pre-orders are not refundable.
Mundfish gets a good money from the pre-orders.
Interesting citation from the RBC article:
“The English version of the site [they are referring to an official Mundfish site] has a reference to a Mundfish Media, located in Rockville, Maryland. There are no such company in the official register of Montgomery County. Surprisingly, the full address that Mundfish indicated on the website is exactly the same as the address of ZeniMax Media, Bethesda’s owner. After asking questions about what does that mean, Mundfish wiped all data concerning Mundfish Media from Rockville (RBC has screenshots of an old version of the site). Some people from the game industry told RBC that this is a common practice among indie-developers to use big companies documents as a template. Bagratuni did not comment on the situation. ZeniMax did not respond to a RBC request”.
Currently, there are 4 people working in the Mundfish’s office (Moscow). Other employees are on outsource. In the total amount, according to the other, more recent, contacts, no more than 8-12 people are working on the project (development team without the management).


I like Atomic Heart. When the summer trailer came out I called this game the most stylish project of the next few years. It was so cool that I immediately wanted to look for a catch. But at that time there seemed to be none. But, as we all know, miracles do not happen. And the Atomic Heart summer trailer is a miracle that could not but have a false bottom.
In order to get the full picture, I would like to hear an official comment from Mundfish on everything said above. Of course, I suspect that the answer will be along the lines of “these are rumors”. But anyway. Additionally, I would like to have the following questions answered:
  1. Why did you sell the VR project to another company and why was it even being created? How could it have been sold off in 2017, considering that you released it in 2018?
  2. How will Atomic Heart look like at release? If it’s single player, what about the genre, gameplay features? Why, after all this time and a finished gameplay trailer, do we still know nothing about the game? If, on the other hand, the game will feature multiplayer elements, what will those be? How does the team see a possible multiplayer implementation in Atomic Heart?
  3. What system requirements is this game being developed for? Are you certain that you will be able to create the announced open world while retaining acceptable performance, if even the recent gameplay shows frame drops indoors?
  4. How many people are currently working on Atomic Heart?
  5. Why don’t you have any written information about the game’s episodic system? You mentioned it in this DTF interview.
Evgeniya Serova: In fact, what is coming out now is the first episode of the first season. It will have around five hours of gameplay. In total, four episodes are planned for the first season.

Official Response from Mundfish:

The channel’s author is anonymous and has a goal — accumulating subscribers in his groups, to which end he works not by the rules of professional journalism, where one needs to fact-check the information received and contact both sides before publishing anything, but rather by utilizing the biggest clickbait possible. We also weren’t contacted by him through any of our official channels [It is not true. They reached out to me (on VK) and got fast response]. Everything described above is conjecture and rumor-mongering in order to capitalize on the growing popularity of Atomic Heart.
The legitimacy of this “investigation” will be studied by Mundfish lawyers, and after the text, its contents and sources are analyzed, appropriate measures will be utilized.
Concerning the project: Soviet Lunapark. Several junior UE4 programmers, who didn’t know C++ and didn’t write any code, took part in its development. All of it was developed using the visual programming language UE4 Blueprints.
Response from former developers (rewrite on their request):
That’s false, the developers fired weren’t juniors and were the only tech experts in the company. The contacts note that the company had no other experts who could objectively measure the programmers’ competence.
Mundfish's answer continues:
It’s also important to note that the company has a strict internal confidentiality policy, and that junior developers never see the full picture of what’s happening.
At a certain stage it was decided that the project should be prepared to operate on the District Zero platform. In order to successfully launch the game in the Free move Vr Arcade mode it was necessary to make certain major changes to the project, as well as implement support for the Antilatency tracking technology.
Unfortunately, the technical team of the project couldn’t make significant advances in this regard, because they were required to work on a different level, which required C++ programming, algorithmic and mathematical skills. The team has significantly delayed the implementation timeframe and also started to lose subordination along the way, which led to aggressive behavior and several destructive situations. As such, a decision was made to part ways with this team and ask more experienced colleagues for support.
Here used to be the developers’ response, but I deleted it on their request. In this paragraph, the developers did not confirm what was said by Mundfish. Developers also noted that the goal of the investigation wasn’t them in particular, but Mundfish ignored most statements and questions in the investigation, concentrating rather on the rumors of allegedly fired (while in actuality they left of their own accord) employees back in the middle of last year.
As a result, a complicated technical task was concluded in a short time. Currently, the project is complete, stable and launched commercially on the District Zero platform on the Arma factory in the Free move Vr Arcade mode on the basis of Antilatency tracking. By the way, it’s the first commercial implementation of this technology, and anyone can see this project for themselves.
On Atomic Heart: the core of our team consists of experienced developers, who took part in AAA projects of companies abroad. Their experience is the main driving force, and the locomotive of the company. Soon we’ll launch a series of English-language streams with the developers.
We will be ready to show and tell more about the internal kitchen of the project. About the different technological solutions, implementation of the RTX & DLSS technology and many other complicated aspects of game development in general and the Atomic Heart project in particular. This information will also be disclosed during the planned UE4 meetups in our offices. But we will most certainly not go against our plans and do this earlier just because someone is blackmailing us and spreading libel as a publicity stunt.

Comment from Robert Bagratuni (Maksim Zatsepin):

Here at Mundfish, we are always glad to see real journalists from specialized publications in order to to give interviews and unveil project details as part of a friendly conversation. Our game industry deserves better, and we hope that the efforts of Mundfish will be appropriately recognized not just in the West, but also among our compatriots.


Whether to trust the ex-devs or not, is up to you. Still, after speaking with the developers I would strongly advise you not to pre-order the game and wait for its official release. If you’re affiliated with professional media platform and can check how the development is going, do consider visiting their office, which is now open for journalists.
submitted by RowenLaan to KotakuInAction [link] [comments]

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